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Editor's Choice

The Busy Witch

Welcome, October!

This month, I'm going to dance in the leaves, light yellow and orange candles whenever the urge strikes, and say yes to pumpkin everything.

Born Again Witch

Unexpected Tension At A Blood Moon In Germany

I look at the chasm between the rocks. That’s where I should be. I’m not the American casting a circle, singing in English, making a beautifully sincere imperfect offering of a ritual. I’m not the German smoking a cigarette and playing on a cell phone. I should be standing between the rocks, the space where the bridge collapsed.

Daughters of Eve

Avoiding Appropriation and The Perpetuation of Privilege

While I will not link the article that pushed this piece from my mind and through my hands…. it IS all about that article and yet NOT about that article at all. The recent article by Tom Swiss is one example of how we use privilege within our own little society of Paganism to perpetuate harm and then continue to justify it in our practices. This must stop. Examples of this happen all the time within our larger society and within our small microcosm of Paganism. When we start to care about the impact we have on others, we will have to step outside of the places of comfort to say…. “HEY, that is not ok”. Not only do incidents like this reinforce misinformation, it erases real pain and creates microaggressions against POC in the process.

Voodoo Universe

Is It Ok To Practice Voodoo Alone?

Just as in life where you are unable to give birth to yourself, these religions believe you are unable to give birth to your spiritual self.

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