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Editor's Choice

Heathen at Heart

The Power of Community

To steal a line from John Halstead, "internet Heathenry is not Heathenry". So what do our local communities do for us that is so different from the internet culture?


The Lady’s Quill: Walls and Doors

Walls are being built high and strong in the Pagan community as our component parts struggle to establish their distinct identities. Will our Pagan village have room for everyone who wants to live in it?

The Zen Pagan

You Can Start Again

If there's something that you wanted to do in the past but never did -- it's not too late. If you quit something and regret it -- you can start again.


Witch on Fire: She Who is Without Oddness, Cast the First Stone

Then dawn breaks, and patterns form, the map of the universe unfolds before you, and it isn't even a car you've been driving all along, but a tardis from Dr. Who, rendering time and space fluid and luminous. You can go anywhere you want to go, but you're on a one-way trip, never able to go home again. Try putting THAT white rabbit back into the hat. In my world “normal” is spectacular; “natural” will blow your mind. Who am I to question what you are perceiving? She who is without oddness, cast the first stone!

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