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Editor's Choice

Greening the Spirit

Equinox Greetings from Spring in the South to Fall in the North

Transplanting Paganism is like transplanting vines, the flavour of the wine that results will be subtly different from that of the root stock in its homeland; but with time and patience the crop will grow and flourish.


Irish-American Witchcraft: Decorating with Death

We each fashion our own language out of symbols and objects which speaks as loudly as our voices, both to ourselves and to the Gods and spirits, and there is real beauty in that.

Nature’s Path

Senses of Autumn, Senses of Home

I begin my seasonal holiday reflections with what is happening outside, inside my house, inside my heart.

The Allergic Pagan

Size Doesn’t Matter: 5 Pieces of Advice for New Bloggers

My two most popular posts in terms of daily pageviews were a satirical piece that people mistook as fact and a piece about vampires. And two of my three most popular posts in terms over overall pageviews over time were a movie review and a link of dubious provenance to some scanned books. If this was all I had to show for 5 years of writing, I would quit.

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