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Star and Snake

Helping a loved one die

I helped someone die this week. It was a sacred privilege. It's Samhain season, the time of year when magical folk talk about remembering our ancestors and recognizing death. American culture pushes the actual process of death out of sight and we don't talk about it much. So I want to talk about what it is like to be actively engaged with the death process.

The Witches Next Door

13 Questions About Samhain

Rituals may include a symbolic journey to the Otherworlds and visiting with deities that preside over death and birth.

Common Tansy

Aradia, Goddex of Our Revolution

This invocation was first penned on the streets of the Charlotte uprising a couple weeks ago but came back to mind this morning after watching one of the uprising's organizers turn themselves in to the police on charges the police have made up to suppress political resistance and waste resources of the movement. Please donate to the solidarity bail fund and general uprising support fund. Also, sign on to this demand to Free Glo Merriweather and all other political prisoners of the CMPD.

Nature’s Path

Behind the Mask: Inside the Creepy Clown Epidemic

"In many respects, it's not an inversion of what we're used to seeing, it's just teasing out and amplifying those traits we've been seeing for a very long time."

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