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Editor's Choice

Voodoo Universe

The Magick and Mystery of Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is the whole package.

The Witches Next Door

Elements Of Magic – Becoming Fire, Magic, Heat

Fire. Just saying the word gets me all tingly and I feel my temperature rising. I’m instantly transported to rituals around a fire. Rituals with witches and gatherings with friends. Fires inspire dancing and drumming, sitting and talkin, sweating and staying warm. Staying connected to the Element of fire, in all it’s forms, is one of the [Read More...]

Raise the Horns

Lessons Learned While Teaching “Wicca 101”

Wicca has always provided its adherents with a great ritual structure, I can teach that, but it's up to each individual Witch to fill in whatever blank spaces they may find.


Tree City Witch: A Witch’s Grief & Advice for the Living

What’s a witch to do but talk to the dead? We are supposed to, right? Pierce the veil or whatever it is that hangs between us and them? Neither mediumship nor necromancy is taboo around here.