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Editor's Choice

Hearth Witch Down Under

Undoing the Hard Work of Pagan Pioneers

The problem here is that the myths and stereotypes our predecessors dispelled weren't all myths and stereotypes. And the information they spread about us is not exactly entirely true.

John Beckett

The Non-Negotiables of My Religion

There are three non-negotiables in my religion. If I abandoned or significantly changed any of these three concepts, I would be practicing a different religion.

Nature’s Path

Whales and Me

The ocean, with its beauty, its power and its amazing creatures has always been a source of wonder for me. I’m 86 and I’ve been a Crone already for 26 years. I just might like a new title of Whale!

Poisoner's Apothecary

A Traditional Witch’s Love Affair With History

"The gods of the old religion become the demons of the new;" is a common saying in the study of religious history. Are the pagan deities of antiquity part of a collective of spirits who aligned with our pursuits, and answer to the call of 'devil?"