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Editor's Choice

Hearth Witch Down Under

Playing Favourites With the Gods

Hekate is my "favourite" - because, if I had to choose only one deity to worship, honour, offer to, then it would be Her, hands down, no contest, no hesitation.

Dirt Heart Witch

Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me

There is one god who comes before all the others: your own Godself

Poisoner's Apothecary

Children of Earth and Moon

The image of the classical witch has been shaped over the centuries to become an antithesis of institutional religion. The medieval witch differs in form and function from the sorceresses and magicians of antiquity. It is also important to remember the role of Christian myth and folklore which contributed heavily to the understanding of the European Witch.


Why I am a Druid or how I Defected from Wicca with a Bunch of My Folk

The last segment in the July Blogging Series here at Pagan Patheos, Rev. Hill talks about her personal search for religious authenticity.