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Editor's Choice

Hearth Witch Down Under

Too Poor For Offerings

Financially speaking, I don't think there is such a thing as "can't" it's more a matter of compromise and ingenuity.


Outside the Circle: Why Stealing Bones Matters – The Aftermath Of Stupid

By now, many of us have read the story of the arrest of Ender Darling, for selling bones online, obtained from Holt Cemetery. The Wild Hunt also covered the news, offered a timeline to events leading up to her arrest. I wanted insight into the magic that was abused. I wanted to go to the source.

Raise the Horns

Mirth & Reverence: You Can Laugh During Ritual

Laughter isn't always appropriate in circle, but sometimes it's simply necessary.

Dowsing for Divinity

Fraud, and why it matters

A fraud is someone who deliberately and knowingly seeks to deceive others. If you can't trust their word, it would be inadvisable to trust them about anything else.

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