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Editor's Choice

Energy Magic

Autumn Forecasting: Reading the Omens

Look to those Autumn omens to predict the weather and other things.

Heathen at Heart

Celestial Gods, Turning and Shining

My Heathenry centers on the world around me: my ancestors rest in the soil, and the land wights surround me. But sometimes, I need to look up to the turning, shining Gods of the sky.

Raise the Horns

When They Hate What You Love

Sometimes people hate what you love, and there's nothing wrong with that. However there's no need to ridicule the things we don't like or don't understand.


Irish-American Witchcraft: Irish Fairies in America

Some people do see the Gods as anchored in one terrestrial space. Others think the fairies are similarly limited to Ireland and historically Celtic lands. This has not been my experience.

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