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Editor's Choice

The Lady’s Quill

Thor and The Black Serpent

Thor is the defender of the common person and the Earth, honorable and strong, and if he responds, will do so with wisdom and ferocity.

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By Athame and Stang

A Spell for the Broken Hearted

When the heart is hurting, spellwork can play a role in fixing it.

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Full Frontal Magic: Reducing Holiday Hostility through Blessed Food

We tell ourselves, spending time with family should be a great time, but old wounds and scars usually remain. Let’s admit it, our family are the ones who best know how to get under our skin. We can, however, decide to change that. After all, we have magic.

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Dowsing for Divinity

Imagining Other Possible Worlds

Science fiction, particularly the writings of Ursula le Guin, explores hypothetical alternative societies, cultures, futures, and histories. I am currently watching Babylon 5 again on DVD, and would highly recommend it as an exploration of what happens when a totalitarian and xenophobic government takes over, and how people come together to resist. Alternative visions of [Read More...]

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