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Through the Grapevine

Patheos Pagan at PantheaCon

Patheos Pagan writers will be involved in over 30 rituals, panels, workshops, and lectures at this year's PantheaCon. Here's a list of who's going and what they will be doing.


Witch on Fire: Valentine’s Love Spell

As a special Valentine's Day treat for you, my lovelies, I offer this "Ideal Paramour" Love spell of my own creation, and for kicks, I'll include my own charm that I once used to spectacular effect. I've led many love-spell workshops , and these can be loads of fun to do in a group, so crack open a bottle of vino, and git yer witch on with your friends! Better it be when the moon is full...

Lasara Firefox Allen

The Magickal Art of Initiation

As a person who has been both the initiate and the initiator on more than one occasion, I have gathered some bits of knowledge about the art of initiation. I underwent my first formal magickal initiation 27 years ago, and I have been in an initiating priesthood for an occult mystery tradition for over 25 [Read More...]

The Witches Next Door

Pantheacon – And So It Begins

P-Con is a roiling, bustling, boisterous, intensely earnest and wholly magical temporary village

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