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Editor's Choice

Nature’s Path

Awaiting Transition

There are two times of the year when nature seems to pause in her cycle, preparing for another turn of the wheel.


Cauldron, Sword, Spear, & Stone: Becoming the Butterfly – Connecting to the Sacred Feminine

Not all of us feel an innate connection to the sacred feminine. How does our upbrining challenge our connections with deity?

Poisoner's Apothecary

Witch’s Stones and New Age Crystals

Magical practitioners are innately connected to the earth, nature and her energies.  Naturally, many magical practitioners incorporate the use of stones and crystals in their practice. 

Pagan In Paradise

An Internal Rebirthing

    Working with people experiencing homelessness has had a profound impact in my very being. I am not referencing some sudden epiphany about the nature of the human condition: rather a soul shaping, ground trembling, rebirthing of my humanity.   Seeing the corrosive effects of un addressed trauma reduce fellow brothers and sisters to [Read More...]

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