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Editor's Choice

The Witches Next Door

Creating Your Own Rituals & Daily Practices

Rituals can be wonderfully complicated, requiring tools and incantations and over the top locations and they can be the incredibly, deliciously understated.

Quaker Pagan Reflections

Writing the Spiritual Life

To write about Spirit is to risk distorting or distracting from the experience itself, whether of ritual, dream, or gnosis. Words are two dimensional, even when they create the illusion of more, and we always change the map of the world when we render it flat.

Pagan Tama

Inari, Japan’s “Fox God”

Who is the mysterious Inari, and why does this deity occupy such a special place in Shinto?

Messages from Pluto

Transgression and Transformation

Most of us have experienced betrayal in various degrees. Betrayal is a byproduct of material existence, dealing with others, and having unfulfilled expectations. Bitter and burning, once savored, it changes the person, whether giver or receiver.

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