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Editor's Choice

John Beckett

Do the Gods Test People?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that “God” or “Goddess” or “the Universe” is testing me. Interestingly, I’ve never had someone who’s going through a hard time smile and say “it’s OK – it’s just a test from the Gods.”

Nature’s Path

We Swim in the Depths

Diving and scanning, into the depths and swimming around. Who are we as UU-Pagans and how do we bring both diving and scanning to our ritual work?

Messages from Pluto

Grey Magick and Soapbox Preachers

Yesterday I had dental work. I also had a sinus infection. I was excused from returning to my office.   This freed me up to take a trip downtown to file my modified paperwork from last week’s adventures.  It’s an odd moment to realize that one is excited to be sick enough to go to [Read More...]

Heathen at Heart

A Ritual for the Charming of the Plow

The Charming of the Plow celebrates the planting of the first seeds of spring. A 6th century ritual updated for our modern lives is a great way to celebrate!

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