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Editor's Choice

Poisoner's Apothecary

Herodias and the Queen of Witches

The figure of the Witch Queen is an integral part to classical witchcraft. A counterpart to the Master of the Wild Hunt, these elder gods are the force and foundation of our witchcraft. Understood in various ways by different cultures using their own names for these ancient spirits who have been revered since antiquity.

Beneath the Moon

Mix ‘n Match Deities: Should you? Would you?

Should you or would you mix and match the pantheons that you work with? I have done exactly that...

John Beckett

Progressive Magic

Magic has a dilemma. It works best when it’s focused and specific, but many of the things we need magic to achieve are big and complicated. Progressive magic is an approach to deal with this dilemma.


The Other Side of the Hedge: Hidden Knowledge

The occult isn’t inherently evil. It is powerful, and often opaque. That can be scary all on its own. So why do we let it remain a mystery? Do we even have a choice?