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Editor's Choice

Nature’s Path

Henotheism: Mine, Yours, and Ours

Henotheism, my devotion not obviating my respect for yours, is something Unitarian Universalism is uniquely positioned to embrace. And we should do so.

The Witches Next Door

The Priestess And The Nun – Sisters In Service

I am unwavering clear that there needs to be some mechanisms in place whereby my service is recognized as equally valuable and honorable. Our Godds might be different. How we work with them might vary, but the work is much the same.

Beneath the Moon

Witchcraft: Faith, religion or practice?

I know some camps believe Paganism to be the religion and Witchcraft to be the practice but personally I believe that being a witch is my faith, my religion and what I practice.


The Rantin’ Raven: A Little Practical Magic for These Times

I’m offering some good old fashioned (and easy to do) protection charms, with a modern twist.

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