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Editor's Choice

Voodoo Universe

Easy Psychic Methods For Finding Unknown Ancestors

What happens, however, if you are adopted or otherwise unsure of your ancestral lineage ? What should you do then ?


How to Not Ruin Your Training Group: Five Points

Running an outer court is hard. Fortunately, most of the pitfalls are avoidable.

Into the Mound

Witchcraft – The Word & The Figure – Pt 1 A short walk through a long time.

‘Witch’ is being tugged at by Neopagan religionists, neogothic occultists, folk-magic charmers and spellbinders and by reconstructionist euro-shamans. Almost anyone who wants to participate in its coolness devises a rationale that allows them to use it. What makes this word so cool, and why do so many types of modern magical practitioners want to own it?

Star and Snake

Cultural Appropriation and Theft

Exchange only happens when people are meeting as equals. Who decides what is cultural exchange, what is cultural appropriation, and whether cultural appropriation is theft?

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