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Editor's Choice

A Modern Traditional Witch

The Witch & The Ocean

The wisdom of the ocean says that no matter how hard we try to forge a lasting mark on the earth, eventually everything is erased and forgotten.

Common Tansy

In Defense of the Lives Which Are Now Called Politics

Imagine you are attending a Unitarian Universalist or similar interfaith, pluralist gathering of some sort, where the understanding is that your specific understanding of Divine Mystery will not be the only one present, but a general atmosphere of respect is expected. Maybe this event is even a "big tent"/non-denominational Pagan gathering.

Pagan Tama

A Group Lammas Ritual

Incorporating the tradition of the dying Corn Spirit, an Anglo-Saxon protective spell, and Inkubus Sukkubus!

Witch on Fire

Shopkeeper Sagas: All That is Gold Does Not Glitter, part 2

There are far more intangible treasures that our Metaphysical shops offer their communities than mere commerce...its these less-glittery golden benefits to our whole community that we shopkeepers so daringly defend. Won't you help us?

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