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Editor's Choice


The Lady’s Quill: Odin

Poet, wise man, grey-cloaked wanderer, one-eyed, wizard, warrior, king... when I decided to do Odin as my next “Divine Profiles” article, I was overwhelmed. For as much as the Lady is a complex, larger-than-life being, the Allfather has so very many names and stories attached to him that I was afraid that I couldn't do him justice.


The Rantin’ Raven: Not My Elder

Recently, a few prominent authors, activists, and well-known personalities in the Pagan world did something unfortunate. Very publicly. Bloggers and Facebookers immediately took up sides, with the battle lines being drawn along “No Elder of mine!” and “We must respect our Elders even when they’re wrong.” And I got to thinking about the phenomenon of the Pagan Elder. It’s actually a very murky subject.

Through the Grapevine

Pagan Interviews: Segomâros Widugeni

Segomâros Widugeni is an author, blogger, and one of the leading lights of today's Gaulish Polytheism. He talked to our Sean Harbaugh about finding Paganism, the Polytheist movement, and where to begin when looking into the Celtic Recon path.

The Allergic Pagan

Why Pagans Hate “Witches of America”

I wonder if perhaps what underlies some of the intensity of the Pagan condemnation of Witches of America is that, in the end, Mar didn't "convert" to Paganism.

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