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Editor's Choice

Greening the Spirit

Staying Strong

Many of us work with the concept of Will – True Will, Magickal Will, Acts of Will. By this we do not mean will to power, or will as another word for ‘want’. We mean finding the true voice within and discerning it form all the babble of competing desires and thoughts, emotions and hopes, fears and fantasies.

Nature’s Path

Forgetting to be Grateful?

Today it seems that Thanksgiving has become a four-day weekend of obligatory excess.


The Path of She: The Hero’s and the Hera’s Journey

As the seasons turn and darkness descends in the natural realm, the hera’s path beckons you to journey into your inner darkness and the vast mysteries of this world. And though this is a hard path, of trials, sorrows and endings, its rewards are immeasurable.

Daughters of Eve

Not Quite In My Grandmother’s Way: Prayer for Social Justice by Tamilia

Spirituality is a central component of who I am. It is at my mother’s core and so it was with my grandmother before her.

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