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Wayfaring Woman: Hekate’s Hounds: Warders Between Worlds

In ancient times, the goddess Hekate was worshipped as the Leader of the Dogs (Skylakagetis in Greek). Black dogs in particular were sacred to her.

Beneath the Moon

Halloween in England

Although there is a lot of folklore about All Hallows Eve originating from parts of the UK which is probably correct - I hate to disappoint people…Halloween as we know it with the fancy dress, carved pumpkins and trick or treating only really came to England about fifteen or so years ago (from my personal recollection anyway).

At the Herm

Working Polytheism Part 2: Means

Polytheism is not a mere belief. To be real, it must be practiced, and then we meet the Gods face to face…

Voodoo Universe

Simple Samhain Crafts For All Ages

I almost titled this post Simple Samhain Crafts for humans of all ages and dogs... no just kidding. You can however, see from the pictures that everyone got in on the fun.

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