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Editor's Choice

John Beckett

The Authority of the Gods

The older I get the more I realize just how much I don’t know. If someone else shows they know more than I do, I’m going to listen carefully to what they have to say. This has been my experience with the Gods.

Pagan Tama

A Secret Sunrise Beltane Celebration

Beltane is subversive. More so than Samhain, in my opinion, even though the latter may seem pretty subversive with its skulls and darkness and trappings of death and the otherworld. But Samhain is somewhat softened by the child-friendly costume parties and trick-or-treat of Halloween, as well as its association with the Christian All Saints’ Day. [Read More...]

Hearth Witch Down Under

Hekate Goddess of the Underworld

As a lead up to Samhain in the southern hemisphere, here is another post that looks at something about death and the afterlife. Today we're looking at Hekate (surprise, surprise) and Her role in the Underworld, the afterlife and in death.

The Witches Next Door

I’m Kinda Over Beltane

This is not the Beltane for flower wreaths and kissing under the winding ribbons of the maypole. This is not the Beltane for waking up at dawn and dancing with the sunrise. This is the Beltane to step up, speak up, and band together.