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Editor's Choice

Witch on Fire

Lammas Ritual of Integration and Sacrifice

This Lammas ritual celebrates high summer by magickally preparing fire-roasted corn on the cob, AND crafting corn dollies from the husks. Oh, and there are cool casting techniques with besoms...which is super witchy.

Beneath the Moon

What if My God Doesn’t Look Like Your God?

What if my god doesn't look like your god? Does it matter if I see an image that differs from yours or from the generally accepted view?

John Beckett

The Victory of Lugh

Lugh spoke to the Tuatha De Danann and put strength in them, so that each had the spirit of a king or a great lord. He heartened them to fight well, for it was better for them to die protecting their own country than to live under bonds and under tribute any longer.



People ask me my name and I don’t know what to tell them. They ask me what I do for a living and I don’t know what to tell them. They ask me how I’m doing, and I think, “Which one of me?”