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Editor's Choice

A Modern Traditional Witch

Slagging Down The Moon

The question I've gotten most often on The Witch's Cauldron book tour surprisingly doesn't have anything to do with cauldrons. It's "What is it like working with Llewellyn?"

Adamantine Muse

Paper Boats for the Goddess

Watching and floating my own offerings on the Ganges was very special and made me recall the reason I make my own paperboat offerings for the goddess.


The Cartomancer: Just Shut Up

On how to tackle fear. Not by facing it, but by dissolving your attachment to the very concept of fear.

Witch on Fire

Excavating Paganism: A Wiccan Encounter in the Wilds of South Carolina

When did I start practicing paganism? That was a long trip that took about 10 years to unpack, but it begs that I tell you the story of my first encounter with a Wiccan Priest in the wilds of South Carolina, and how it changed my life forever.