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Editor's Choice

Greening the Spirit

What Does Nature Do For Us?

The answer to, ‘What does nature do for us?’ seems obvious. She feeds, shelters, and clothes us, but nature does so much more.

Star and Snake

Performing a handfasting wedding

When I offered a theurgic devotional to Hera she asked if I would perform a small service for her. I said sure without really thinking about it. Note to self: when a deity asks you for a favor, explore what that means!


The Blooming Staff: Under the Hill

What is the meaning of this column’s title, The Blooming Staff? For a long time I tried, and failed, to choose: between decadence and morality, between paganism and Christianity, between individualism and the collective good. Certain dualities—the constant back and forth between division and unity, between devotion and blasphemy—recur frequently, an unresolved dialectic.

Daughters of Eve

Conjuring a Path: Embracing African-American Folk Magic

I’ve said it before and I’ll saw it again: my grandmother was devoted to God. She honored him in the ways that spoke to her spirit and in the ways that she deemed good. By her summation, Hoodoo was anything but good. Long after my grandmother passed away, my mother told me stories about college [Read More...]

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