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Editor's Choice

Witch on Fire

Shopkeeper Sagas: A Witch Among Charlatans

Magickal Practitioners who profit upon the fear within others, taking enormous payments, while offering "100% guarantees" on their attempts to thwart karma or wyrd--are charlatans, In my witchy opinion.

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Water Witch

Snow Magic

Here are a few ideas on how to use snow, ice and winter weather in your own magic practice. You can start very simple by working with Sigils. Using snow to write sigils is a great use of winter water magic. Simply use your finger to indent the snow with your sigil or power symbol. Depending on the time you Snow Magic choose to draw them, you can bring added intent and correspondences. You can focus on drawing them during the snowfall to bring a light peaceful energy that is softer. Or you can draw them during the snow melt for banishing or releasing.

The Lady’s Quill

Night Has Fallen, Light Your Torches

Many have been hearing the call to stand against the darkness. Gather round and light your torches so that we can find our way through the night.

Nature’s Path

Frost and Stone: Grounding Energy in Winter’s Dark

Alison Leigh Lilly decides it's time for an Imbolc ritual, "The whole world seems to be cold fire and frenzied air.
This won't do."

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