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By Athame and Stang

The Stang

The Stang is adored by many modern Traditional Witches, myself included. It’s a tool whose use powerfully evokes a sense of connection to something old and primitive. In its simplest form, a forked staff, Witches use the Stang in various ways including representing the Horned One, aiding in spirit flight, and directing energy.

The Lady’s Quill

Cats in a Library: Feline Polytheism

(This is the first of a few articles I will be doing prompted by Jolene Poseidonae’s My Polytheism post.  If you’re interested in hearing and seeing more, you may want to check out the new My Polytheism community on Facebook).   (Image courtesy of “We may be in the Universe as dogs and cats [Read More...]

Witch on Fire

Digging up Roots in the Garden of Witchery

Like all the best occult mysteries, its a paradox: to see far, you dive deep. So, I went into the garden of Witchcraft and started digging down to the roots.

The Witches Next Door

13 Reasons It’s Cool To Be A Witch

There is nothing better than feeling the glow of the full moon shining off your nethers. It’s delicious!

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