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Editor's Choice

Raise the Horns

8 Ways to Celebrate Beltane

Eight great ways to help you and yours celebrate and ritualize on Beltane. It's Spring, a time for dances, maypoles, flowers, and dalliances in the dark.


The Crow’s Nest: Beltane-A Fire Festival

Beltane is an ancient Celtic Holiday, often referred to in modern times as May Day. The Holiday begins at moonrise April 30 (May Day Eve) and is considered to be a festival of fertility and union between the God and Goddess.

Nature’s Path

The Well-being of Gardening

[U]se the season of Beltane, the season of growth, to cultivate your own garden – both literally and figuratively. Search for seeds that you can nurture and tend in an effort to increase your own well-being and happiness.

Witch on Fire

Crafting a Beltane Maypole with Help from Pythagoras

Instructions for calculating materials and crafting a Maypole ribbon topper and wreath for your Beltane Rituals, plus some ideas for a global intention weaving spell with rainbow ribbons.