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Editor's Choice

Witch on Fire

WitchCrafting your own Love Spell

Love spells are relatively easy to design for yourself once you know the correspondences among the Gods and Goddesses, planets, plants, and minerals. Spells of this kind can be adapted to sweeten family and friendly relationships, to draw a new lover, or to find a life-long partner.

The Witches Next Door

Naked And Afraid – Skyclad In Pagan Space

We all come together in sacred space without the trappings of the outside world. None of us are in our professional garb, our day wear, our fancy dress. We come to ritual just as who we are.

Voodoo Universe

Beyonce, Oshun, and Behavior Befitting A Queen

If these are truly Beyonce's beliefs I pray that she makes them openly known. I say this both as a daughter of Oshun....

Between the Shadows

Pagan Fiction Authors Coming Together!

On Sunday, March 12, I'm hosting a Facebook event to bring Pagan fiction writers and readers together.

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