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Editor's Choice

Between the Shadows

Godspousery: Mysticism and the Hieros Gamos

One of the more interesting phenomena I've encountered in Paganism is something known as godspousery. For those unfamiliar, these are people who have intimate, often sexual, relationships with deities. It's a matter that presents a certain amount of discomfort. For one thing it questions the nature of reality.

Born Again Witch

A Witch’s Guide to IKEA Furniture Assembly

Let there be reverence and mirth, says the Charge of the Goddess. Sadly, assembling IKEA furniture is an enterprise that affords me neither. I thought I would use the tools of the Craft to create a helpful guide utilizing grounding, magical tools, spells, invocations, and for better or worse, familiars.

John Beckett

What I Learned From Isaac Bonewits

Scholarship matters. Fuzzy targets yield fuzzy results. Why not excellence? I learned a lot from Isaac Bonewits – future generations of Pagans will too.

Sermons from the Mound

Relational Polytheism: Standing Beside The Gods

Being in right relationship with our fellow embodied beings, and in right relationship with our ecosystem, will do more to bring us into right relationship with our deities than any amount of worship. Yes, we need to make that inner connection with the spirits of place, the spirits of the land, and the deities, as part of our awareness of all the interconnected relationships of the nested interconnections of being in which we live. But deities, land-wights, animals, humans, are all part of that web of relationships.

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