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Editor's Choice

The Witches Next Door

Doing Paganism – Working With Our Ancestors

These powers combined represent all our Ancestors; those of blood and bone, of breath and spirit, of lineage and cause.

Heathen at Heart

The Season of Apples Comes Again

The Goddess Idunn reminds us to harvest hope and happiness as well as the apples that are sacred to Her this autumn.

The Allergic Pagan

The Image on this Header is Holy to Me

This is where I write about my spirituality. This is where I write about holy things. And this image is holy to me. Now maybe you can’t appreciate the connections I’ve drawn. I don’t expect you to. But I do expect you to respect the fact that the connection exists for me. It is as real and as holy to me as your relationship to your gods is to you.

Shekhinah Calling

Cultural Appropriation, Buddhism, and Compassion

It seems to me that, when oppressed peoples claim a thing exists, the compassionate and mindful thing to do is to listen to them.

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