The Busy Witch: Harvest Verses

We’ve entered the harvest season, although for many of us still in the throes of summer heat, it doesn’t feel like it. Still, even in muggy North Carolina, there’s a crispness in the air that reminds me that fall is not far away. This is the start of my favorite season, and I wanted to share two devotional poems with you that I wrote years ago to celebrate the harvest. Whether you bake bread tonight or take a long walk in the sunshine, let fall fill your senses.

Bright blessings to you and yours as the wheel turns into another season!

I invite you, stranger,
come break bread at my table.

It is fresh,
and the grain is good.

It will give you strength,
and you will bless my house
with your presence.

Come, stranger,
come and sit
and celebrate
the bounty of the harvest.

Do not forget, stranger,
to offer part of the rich brown loaf
back to the earth,
back to our mother.

We leave offerings
at the base of the grandfather oak,
there in the yard, see him standing there?

Here, stranger, make your offering
and then break bread
with us.

In Thanks

We have sown, we have tended,
we have grown, we have gathered,
we have reaped a good harvest.
Goddess, we thank you for your gifts.
God, we thank you for your bounty.
We are connected in this circle
of joy and thanksgiving.

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