Pagan Tea Time: Get Face to Face

Are you a Pagan blogger or writer, or do you regularly comment on blogs? What would it be like to get to know some of your debate partners face to face?

Consider this an invitation to ground your Pagan intellectual community in something more than words on a screen.

During the month of February, if you write online, make a date to have a cup of tea (or food or drink of your choice) with another writer or commenter. Even better, be daring, and make it someone you’ve argued with. Those of you who are attending PantheaCon will have numerous opportunities to eat and drink and talk together in person, and I hope you will take them! But for those who won’t be there, I invite you to take a risk: e-mail someone (or more than one!) whose voice you’ve never heard before and ask them for an hour of their time via video chat (or failing that, phone). Get a glimpse of their pets or babies or partners. Show off your altar or your book collection or the way the sunlight slants into your kitchen. Put away your debates for a while and take the time to talk. Debates can come later.

If you participate, please write something about it online (respecting your chat partners’ privacy, of course!). And if you’re open to making a chat date or two, feel free to take this graphic for your blog or site.

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About Christine Kraemer

Christine holds a PhD in Religious and Theological Studies from Boston University. She has published widely on literature, popular culture, and Paganism and is the author of Seeking the Mystery: An Introduction to Pagan Theologies (Patheos Press, 2012) as well as Eros and Touch from a Pagan Perspective (Routledge, 2013). Christine is also an instructor at Cherry Hill Seminary, where she served for two years as chair of the Theology and Religious History department.

  • Lēoht “Sceadusawol” Steren

    Brilliant idea, I like it.

    Must admit, not a fan of digital communication and would love to have a physical community to interact with.

    • Bianca Bradley


      Can I make a date for tea time with you?

      • Lēoht “Sceadusawol” Steren

        Quite possibly. What’s your time zone? (I’m GMT.)

        • Bianca Bradley

          Central United states. I usually head to bed around midnight, so I can be up lateish.

 if you want to wrangle out a schedule/date to talk.

  • rhyd wildermuth
  • Henry Buchy

    Not that I comment as much as I used to, but I’m up for it.

  • JezabelleDisreali

    I’m down to do it, though I am more of a commenter than a blogger.

  • Nimue Brown

    Hello, potentially interested but in the UK, and seldom equal to the late nights required for talking to Americans real time… open to suggestions though.

    • Lēoht “Sceadusawol” Steren

      What part of the UK?

      • Nimue Brown

        South West (not currently underwater) Stroud in Gloucestershire.

  • Sable Aradia

    Good idea, Christine! I’m game.

  • Bianca Bradley

    Christine, if you are available I’d love to have virutal Pagan tea time with you.

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