The Busy Witch: Magical Things Come in Fives! #‎Patheos5Yrs‬

I just wanted to quickly chime in to wish Patheos a very merry 5th anniversary. Five is a powerful number; there’s the five pointed star, of course, and the additional power that is brought to a ritual when you call five elements (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit), not to mention the unique group dynamic that is present among circles of five.

IMG_0033A number of years ago, I was working in a circle of five women, and in order to include everyone in our rituals, we began calling five elements when we cast the circle. For awhile, I enjoyed the surge of power without really wondering why things were suddenly so much more magical, but then a conversation with a dear friend and taroist pointed out the force of five. She reminded me of the geometric stability of the number, and she pointed to the build of energy in the tarot that happens in the fifth card of each suit. The full promise of the cards may not have been reached, but by the time five appears, the foundation has been set down, and forward movement is almost a must. Our conversation made me approach future rituals with more awareness, and I think she’s right; so much untapped power rests in the number five.

So raise a glass (or five) today to the force of this number, and the magic of this birthday. I’m so grateful to be a part of this thriving, vibrant community, and it’s a pleasure to say happy anniversary and bon fortuna, Patheos!

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