Premonitions – No Ordinary Dream

Premonitions are not merely ordinary dreams,
but instead a forewarning of what is to come. Are you listening?

Pay Attention to Your Dreams. They May Be Visions of the Future.

What is a Premonition?

A premonition is a forewarning of something that is going to happen before it does without having any concrete evidence to support it.

Premonitions can come in many different forms; dreams/nightmares, messages from spirits, intuition (that gut feeling) in the waking state and automatic writing. Premonitions are just another piece of the psychic abilities that everybody has, but not everybody may be in tune to using. Men may call it a “gut feeling” and women call it “intuition” – take your pick, it all adds up to a sixth sense.

The phenomenon of premonition is most often associated with anxiety or an uneasy feeling suggesting impending disaster. Premonitions of plane crashes or murders have been documented throughout the years, even throughout The Bible, however it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. It can also be casual and innocent. Knowing that it is Aunt Edna on the other end of the phone even before you pick it up or before un-wrapping your birthday gift knowing that it will be a beautiful white angora scarf.

So YOU Are Having Premonitions?

The most common way to receive premonitions is through your dreams. Most people spend an average of one third of their lives asleep so it isn’t uncommon to have at least one premonition in your life. Dreams give us insight and understanding even when our conscious mind doesn’t. Dreams can also hold message to the future.
So you are experiencing them – so now what?

• The best thing to do if you are encountering premonitions is not to panic
• Keep a notepad and pen by your bedside
• When you wake up in the morning, try to stay in your same position and relax
• In your mind, drift closer to the dream
• Do not think of the days activities. Stay close to the dream.
• Start writing.
• Document every detail, even the tiniest ones such as colors you saw, numbers that popped up and your feelings that you felt during the dream
• Symbolism plays a huge role in premonitions. Do not take everything literal. Instead keep an open mind.
• Date stamp each dream/premonition
• Talk to your friends or family about it

My Premonitions Came True!

If you witnessed a disaster in your dream and it indeed happens, don’t feel guilty as if you could have stopped it. Remember that you cannot save the world. Premonitions may occur the very next day the vision occurred and yet some may not happen for years later. Or they may never happen.


Kristy Robinett is a Psychic Medium and Author of Ghosts of Southeast Michigan, Messenger Between Worlds, and Michigan’s Haunted Legends and Lore and Higher Intuitions Oracle deck both due out in late 2012.

Kristy Robinett’s involvement with the paranormal began at the age of three when she began playing and communicating with spirits, labeled imaginary friends by her parents, which was totally unacceptable.

Kristy specializes in bringing humor to what most fear and inspires all ages to ignite the light within them so that the fire of inspiration continues on. It’s Kristy’s down to earth style, honesty, sense of humor and warmth that makes her a sought out coach and speaker.


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  • London

    I had this feeling that my father was going to die within a couple months. It seemed like such a gut feeling that I told a couple people about it. It turned out that he didn’t pass away but my co-worker’s dad did. Is this just a coincidence?

    • kristyrobinett

      I don’t believe in coincidences, but synchronicity. So…your Guides gave you the feeling which you can make sense of, which you is your dad. We often tune into our own lives instead of those around us.

      • Bailey Lewis

        Ive only once had one premonition while asleep but many while I was awake. On one occasion I was about 16 and for some reason I couldn’t sleep and about 2 am my heart started pounding and I couldn’t breath. I became very afraid that some one was going to break in to the house, about 30 minutes later I heard foot steps on the porch and the the side door slammed. My mom went to check and we both saw some one run from the house. I wonder why I don’t get them in my dreams too?

    • hunma randeer

      please help me, i have many premonitions about end of the world. plz email me on

  • http://NIGHTFALL8228@YAHOO.COM dustin

    dream i had just recently had to do with the temple shooting by skinheads in wisconsin……The dream i had didn’t show any shootings or skinheads…it was almost as if i was inside this muslim temple..and i was getting a first hand look at how this place is run…..almost like investigating JONESTOWN..and i was under the impression that this temple has its own tragic potential…..a lady was telling me that IF YOU LEAVE THE TEMPLE OR QUIT,,,,YOU CAN BE EXECUTED…AND LEGALLY THE LAW CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT….and i think you have to sign a piece of paper..almost like accepting the terms and conditions…..which kinda means…murder in the united states is allowed to a certain degree….i don’t know how much of this is accurate..but i wish someone would look into it…because after i woke up…i for some odd reason, could not feel sympathy for the temple members because they were violated by skinheads…but i am kinda wondering if this dream was intended to tell me what the real motivation of this killing and theres more to it than what the media is telling us?…did the skinheads know this already..and it came to me in my dream….this not excusing what the skinheads did…this is understanding why they did it….and the temple having its own tragic potential within it’s circle might have been violated by another circle who doesn’t agree with these terms….i don’t know.

  • Alyssia

    A few nights ago I dreamnt that my two older children died in a car accident with their father (my ex) on Christmas day on the way back to my house. I told my ex of the dream in hopes that he will be cautious driving back to the state we reside in. But still I have an unsettling feeling about that day as it draws near. Only two conclusions will arise from this day, either a phone call with terrible news or my ex’s truck infront of my home dropping off my kidos. Either or I will be holding my breath until I get to see them. But I honestly do not know if it’s true or not, the dream was very vivid. Any insite would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • jake

    I have had dreams and nightmares of events that happened. I had most of these dreams 5-6 years ago and about 6 months ago they started to come true exactly the way I dreamt it. In the dream I seemd to know that I was experiencing ‘de javu’. About 5 months ago now I told me mum to keep an eye out on both my little.r year old brother and my cat ginger, I had a dream that something small that meant the world to me woyld come to a death from an accident. A month later my cat was ran over and he was ran over in a strange way that would consist of it being done on purposea nd he never went near the roads if he could hear a car in the distance so it seems wierd he was ran over. I use to practise paganism when I was 12, roughly arrive the time I had these dreams. They made me panic, But now I have started to worship paganism again and embrace it rather than fear it. Does each person have an ability that they seems to be able to tap in to like it seems with me, and if so how can I harnis this and explore it further.

  • Diana

    I’ve had two prominent premonition dreams in my life so far. The first one was in 2006. The dream felt very real. My father was in front of me and he suddenly turned red, fell to his knees then held his heart and said “how can I hang on?” to me. I knew he had died in my dream. I remembered the dream the next day and told my friend, who also dreamed the night before that we were traveling home for a funeral together. Around 12pm I received a phone call that my father died suddenly of a heart attack and my friend and I in fact travelled home for a funeral that day.

    My most recent premonition dream occurred only a few days ago. My mom had had an abnormal paps test result and perhaps this evoked the dream but the dream occurred over a month after the paps test. The dream was I was on a pendulum ride and it was over water and the ride was scary because I knew it was going to spin all the way upside down but I tamed my fear and went with it. Then I was off of the ride and the sense of the colour blue was around me. Then I saw a younger version of my mom and she was skinny (my mom is overweight) and she seemed lost yet at peace. Then I received a message that my mom has cancer and has a year to live. I remembered this dream the next day about half an hour after been awake. Then later that day I received an urgent message to call my mom: bad news. She had been diagnosed with a “bad cancer” and would need further treatment. And that brings me up to date. I’m not sure why or how I receive these premonitions but I only know that they happen when unfortunate things happen to people very close to me.

  • Sadie

    I seem to have co-incidental dreams all the time, and there not always bad. For example the other day I had this long extensive dream that I was having this conversation with my mother about granny squares (type of crochet pattern) I didn’t think much of it when I woke, I went to my mom’s later that afternoon and the first thing she said to me was….”I had this great idea last night using granny squares” She was so excited and went on and on about her granny square idea…. I just stared at her and then told her about my dream, she said that she had been in deep thought that night about this idea of hers…. The next day I dreamnt that my 7 yr. old niece (who lives with her mother and my family and I never get to see) was telling me how badly she wanted to live with “us” .. I told my mother about this and she just said really? then my sister in law called me and told me that her and my brother just came back from the courthouse trying to custody of my niece because her mother is in jail for drugs again….. I have small little dreams like this all of the time…Im not really sure what to think of it, my mother thinks that I am clarvoyant, I think that I am just more sensitive to my surroundings and am always “thinking” about what is going on around me.

  • samantha

    a few months ago i first started to mave a few premonishions bt somehow i got scared and bloked them out of my mind resently i am having the premonitions again bt this time am going to imbrace it…i need so advigce a guide to help me with my psykik awakeing

  • anon

    think of the future before going to bed, not your future but the future, see it, remember it and dream it, a clear mind helps to give youa better understanded dream. push all emotions out of the way, only then will you start to see more of what youve been looking for..

    • tangledindreams


  • Yaya

    I had a dream last week on the full moon regarding a friend from the past. He had had a rather public suicide attempt earlier this year and in my dream he climbed up a cliff with climbing gear, gave me a hug at the top where I was waiting and asked me if I was okay. He was with a friend of ours that died about 15 years ago. Our deceased friend didn’t say anything to me, but smiled. I woke up and immediately checked in on my living friend through his facebook page to see that nothing had happened to him. He was fine. Yesterday I received word that he was killed in a ski accident. I’m pretty freaked out about it, as I can’t help but think I had a pretty clear premonition of his death.

  • reena solanki

    i always have dreams that the end of our life is near , everyone dying .sun drown and only darkness is there everywhere. before sunami i have similar kind of dream. whenever i see such kind of dreams.. a misfortune always come..don’t know what is that…

    • ravi rana

      i also see war is going on entire world is on war,many air ships and planes are killing peoples i am having these dreams many years

    • hanna accurate website promise.

  • helia athena

    hi there, ive been dreaming of my dad since i was still a little kid, that his going to die until the year of 2007 that was the last time i dreamt of my dad with my brother on a car accident my father died and my brother was confined to the hospital that was my dream . And after a month my brother was confined to the hospital motor accident and a month again after my father died of ambush.Im hoping u could help me with these dreams of mine

  • MB

    A few years ago, I dreamed of a plane crash in China. People were still sitting in their seats with the roof off. Fire everywhere. I woke up and noticed it was 3am Aust time. Went back to sleep thinking why am i dreaming of a plane crash in China???
    Later that morning, a news flash of the same plane crash was plasted all over the tv. And it occoured the same time of my dream. The news showed exactly the same as what i saw in my dream. I think it was a red V on the back of the seats. ( Plane company logo) And the section of the plane i saw was on the TV.
    Ive have many other dreams that ended up being predictions.

  • alberto surumay

    Hi I worry , many times before I have dreams about tragedies and happen, this time I-75 south, mile 111.4 in Naples Florida , I feel ,saw and sense a big wreck with a some chemical truck, affected many people , for experience before its can be in this location or anywhere around the world, I hope nothing is gonna happen, people can be warning about it, or somebody can help preventing this.

  • Nate

    I’ve had these for 3-5 years and I’m 14. I’m getting weirded out

    • Aster Coogle

      I have had premonitions of birth and death for as long as I can remember and I am sorry to say it doesn’t get any easier. All I can say is learn to accept it. One day, you may find it a blessing in that you may be the one to comfort someone because you have forewarning of what’s to come.

  • Sarah

    I had a premonition about a week ago and can’t get it out of my head I looked up on google to see what it meant but all I could find its that they are a message from god basically it was me stood I front on thousand of people leading them through my country kind of protesting but peacefully to show evil it will not win that my country will stand together in everything it was also in honour of the people that have been killed over the past years and that we would never submit to another religion to fight for our faith and freedom there was Jews Catholics Christians atheists so many we was fighting together to over rule one I don’t understand I felt victorious happy but also sad and alone stood there before everyone please can you tell me if this is true what it may mean it was not a dream I was awake really took me back I was in true path thank you

  • Gloria

    I had a dream a few months ago that my stepson had died in a plane crash and the person who delivered the news was a family member who had passed away three years prior. It left me really unsettled and i asked my husband to tell his ex wife to please keep an eye on the kids .. well a month or so later she called us frantically that one of the kids had suffocated on a bean bag. since then i have been pretty unsettled

    • tangledindreams

      Gloria – that is awful. I am so sorry!

  • John-Tyler Warbrick

    since i was young i have had dream premonitions. never anything major and not always close together most times years apart but lately its been happening months or weeks apart it is honestly starting to worry me because as i said it isnt anything HUGE i will just be walking and all of a sudden i remember people that i have never met before walking past me doing and saying the same things as in the dream while i am doing the same thing aswell but what worries me is not that i am seeing the future its what i may begin to see because not all of my dreams are simple strolls through work or dates with a lovely lady. they can be dark and haunting and it terrifies me to think any of them may become true. i beg someone anyone please help me figure out what are the premonitions and what are just bad dreams.

    • tangledindreams

      Sometimes it is very hard to try and figure out the difference. I really believe that journaling the dreams helps to learn your symbols and signs that have to do with what is going on in your own subconscious.

      • John-Tyler Warbrick

        i have been for years and i read through them everyday and they flash through my mind as i do so remembering them instantly but it makes things worse because when i do i notice ones i forgot that happened and it worries me more because i am a man who fears little but most of my dreams terrify me and i hope that someone else who has this happen can give me some actual help with it.

  • Aya

    A few years ago i was in a not so good relationship with a younger good looking man. Every week i would have negative dreams about him. Before we decided to become official, he had told me about his ex that was pregnant. Later on in the relationship she was in the hospital. I asked him how she was doing. His reply was she’s cool. The following day or so we were together. I got this overwhelming sensation all over my body about the pregancy. I told him that something was not right. The very next day she miscarried. Another time hadi dreame that I, his mother, another woman and my ex was at some function. Any who a few days or so this woman called my cell saying she was seeing him. I confronted him. He didnt denie it. Come to find out she called his mother as well. Everytime i have not so good relationships. Most of my dreams come true.

  • STR

    I have had lots of scary dreams, end of world stuff and dreams that wake me up laughing. However, I was reading my old blog and there was a post about a dream I had in 2008 that was semi-scary. It obviously bothered me enough to blog about it, but I dreamt about a tornado. At first we were scared, but then nothing happened and “everyone said it was like y2k”. I gave a date, which was may 13, 2012.

    So after re-reading my blog, I googled the date and tornado, and to my crazy surprise there was a tornado in Magdalena, NM!! (I was living in Socorro at the time, so I thought nothing of it when it occurred) I know a lot of tornadoes happen, but I live in NM! We RARELY ever get tornados, ESPECIALLY in southern New Mexico. Luckily, nothing indeed happened, but still. It was one of only two dreams where I have dreamt of a date, and it came true.

    Earlier this year I dreamt about something happy happening on September 13th, and people were telling me that I “look so Yom Kippur”. I am not Jewish and hardly know anything about Judaism, so I looked Yom Kippur up and surprisingly, Yom Kippur falls on September 13th this year!! I don’t know what all of this means, but let’s just say I’ll probably be repenting to honor this holiday. I’m sure not Jewish, religious or willful enough to fast for the whole day.

    I hope you guys have a great day this September 13th!!

  • Brandon

    I dont quite know how to explain it but about a month ago I had a premonition while I was awake. I have been waiting for the right girl to come along and in this premonition I was working some huge event that I had never been to before. She was sitting all by herself in a crowd of people. She was a year older then myself and she was very nice and intelligent. In my premonition I walked away with all that information including a name Heather….So a few nights ago I get a call from a local day labor place I work at telling me that they had this huge job through boeing available I met all the criteria except I did not have a clean driving record. The same day I get another call from them asking me if I would like to work this HUGE event Bumpershoot in Seattle Wa I agreed and while I was there I was assigned to security and walking my route, I had walked it about 20 times and every time I saw this girl standing there and something just screamed out at me. So I decided to strike up a conversation she was standing by herself in what appeared to be a group of people. I walked up and introduced myself and we started talking I could not believe the things we had in common it was crazy almost like I was being pulled towards her. I found out she was 22 years old I am 21….1 year older then me and her name was Heather she was working as a volunteer there and she looked almost exactly the same as the girl from my premonition. Well longer story shortened I gave her my phone number and told her to wait a week if she wanted to get ahold of me then she could if not then throw it out……

    This is but one of many expamples of premonitions I have in my daily life most seem mundane but the only thing they all have in common is the length of time to which I am able to see out it keeps getting shorter.

    Here is another my friend collects guns he has AK’s, Mossberg’s assortments of pistols and ect well this actually happened yesterday but his dad got mad and said someone stole his lighter compleatly freaking out he grabs his sawed off shotgun and heads down stairs ( keep in mind this is my premonition) he puts 1 through my chest 1 through my buddiies chest end of my premonition. Now when he started freaking out about his lighter being stolen I could hear his footsteps above me walking over to his gun cabinet the metal lock hitting the floor the cocking of the gun and his heavy footsteps as he started towards the stairs. I am not sure what came over me but I got this huge fight or flight reflex and something inside of me told me I had to hide. His dad comes down the stair and all I hear is the cocking of the sawed off shotgun and behold I hear him pull the trigger fearing the worst I made a break for the door at the last second it felt as if something bit me in my hand I look back and there is nothing no blood no bullets no wound or nothing but it had felt as if I had been shot in the hand I had the intense pain and everything well behold my stupidity the shotgun was loaded with blanks but still everything happened the way I saw…some of the details were skewed but none the less.

    If anyone out there has some in depth knowlage and would be willing to share please email me

  • Kailey

    I have had premonition dreams and they do not scare me. I know these are warnings and they always happen whether it is soon after a years after. They haven’t been symbolic for me either but quite real which is how I know it is a premonition instead of a dream. However, over the last I have had dreams that really scare me. It is the same dreams of the same place that is not recognizable for me. One is of a house that seems to be haunted. I first started dreaming of it all the time. It always started the same, my husband and I looking at the house to sale and looking at the house beside it through the kitchen window. It was always creepy and ended differently. Then I started having dreams about these two little boys in a basement. One was quiet while the other was always happy to see me. We would talk and I would try to comfort them but then they would get scared and tell me to run. One would be cut up to pieces before my eyes while the other burned to ash only to disappear while a shadow ,a really angry man, came for them so I would run and wake up. It always happened in the basement but in different rooms or we would go out in the back yard. They would want me to help but were afraid for me as well. I do not know what to do. I wrote many psychics to tell them to help deal with it since I didn’t know what to do. Now I am having dreams I am woken up by by another boy, an older boy, waking me up but he is not there. I am not sure if my mind is going crazy or if I am being asked to help. I do not know how to but I feel so helpless for them. What does this mean? Am I just losing my mind? Who do I talk to about this kind of things? I do not know anyone open to such things where I live. Thanks.

  • ravi rana

    last nite i was sitting on my bed my brother infant baby was in my lap my father was with me in that room we were watching news on television suddenly i got a thought that this event had happened before in my dreams the event was for 6 to seven seconds and it alwasy happend with me not frequent but sometime.but this aware ness alert me after the event that i have seen this situation before in my drreams.

  • kerry

    I had a premonition as a teenager, several times I had the same dream that I was looking out my bedroom window and I would see fire coming out of the kitchen. Well it came true one night whilst up in my bedroom I looked out my bedroom window and my kitchen was on fire, my mum had left the chip pan on.

  • lynn

    My dream has been broken I cant figure out if its a warning or not its about a man ive never met but feel like ive met before what does it mean ?