Saying YES to You

“I hate my job. I hate my life. And I hate myself. And everybody hates me too.” Anna cried.

This was Anna’s first time visiting me and I was taken by surprise by her honesty. I hardly was able to get out my spiel of who I was and what I did before she just laid it out on the table. If only I had a magic wand, I thought. It was a thought that went through my head several times a month. The pain that I‘ve seen, heard and felt was sometimes hard to handle. There is a quote that says something to the effect that if we all put our problems into one big pile, we more than likely would grab our own back.

“Let’s break it down,” I said, gently smiling.

As we talked, I noticed a theme – negativity. It wasn’t that Anna was negative (yet), but she was surrounded by negative people and a negative environment, and had been since childhood. What felt comfortable to her was actually destructive, and it was finally taking its toll on her.

Anna explained that her mom was always depressed and sad, and as much as her dad tried to cheer her up, it never stayed happy for very long. So, she said that she tried to become an extra cheerleader for her mom, but it became tiring and she began to feel resentful.

“I lost myself through the process of being a counselor when I was really a kid and less than qualified and educated. The irony? My mom passed away just a month shy of me receiving my Master’s degree in Social Work. Now she is gone, and I hate my job.”

“So you thought by receiving formal training, you might be able to heal your mom?”

Anna’s story isn’t uncommon. I see a pattern like this often. And although I asked if I could bring her mom through to talk about it, Anna wasn’t ready for that, so I mainstreamed the life coaching into intuitive coaching, and tried (and boy was it hard) to keep Anna’s mom at bay.

As went through different exercises and scenarios of her life to see if we could unravel the last twenty-plus years, I began to see the true Anna. The Anna who had sparkling green eyes when she smiled. The Anna who wanted to be in a healthy love relationship. The Anna who sorely needed to forgive her mom, her dad, and herself. And the Anna who had spent years saying NO to herself and others, and had forgotten how to say ‘Yes’ to her life.

By the end of the session, she began the process of exfoliating the negativity from her soul, and found glimmers of her intuition again.

If your intuition is telling you no, stop, don’t go any further, what does your ‘it feel like?” I asked her.

Anna through for a moment and said the word no out loud. “It makes me feel sad and forgotten. I feel like a kid who accidently dropped her ice cream cone and was told too bad.”

“Okay, now do the same for the word yes.

Anna repeated the process, but with the word yes. “I feel like I just was invited to the beach by someone I hoped would be my best friend.”

This was the beginning for Anna to breathe in truth and honesty and allow herself to say yes to things in her life.

A week later Anna called me with an update. “I feel so much lighter, Kristy,” she laughed. “You sure you didn’t do a spell?”

I joined her in the laughter. “No spell, you just did some much needed soul work.”

The week after, she called to tell me that she accepted a new job within her field, but in a different environment. She was learning how to say yes! And in February, fourteen months after we first met, she called to tell me that she was engaged.

“When I first met him, he made me feel like I was invited to the beach.”

Her intuition sang ‘Yes’ loud and clear!

Are You Saying ‘Yes’ to YOU?

Find your ‘yes’ and find your ‘no’. In my intuition classes, I have the participants visualize a green light for their yes, and a red light for their no, and also feel the emotion that comes with it. Anna’s was quite descript, but to begin, it doesn’t have to be so intense. My yes makes me feel lightheaded while my no makes me sick to my stomach. What’s yours?

 Don’t waste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window—or break down a door.

— Brooke Shields


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