Holiday Hello From Heaven

As I watch over you, I see you missing me. I wish I could wipe your tears and comfort you, my dear. The angels tell us that the holidays are the worst for you on earth. Memories of the past, happy and sad times, it feels so long ago and yet like yesterday when we last spoke. With no time here in Heaven, it is often hard for me to understand the concept anymore.

I try to send you signs that I am not far away. I might flash lights, play with toys, drain your phone battery, or play a song. You may find a feather, have an encounter with a special animal, or you might have had a visit with me in the way of a dream….and you might have wondered if maybe… Don’t wonder anymore.

You may see someone that looks like me or you might smell something that reminds you of me; a certain perfume, flower, a favorite food, or even cigarette smoke. I sometimes gently touch you and you may think it is simply the wind. You may wake in the middle of the night for no reason and your pet most definitely sees me. You may see numerical sequences and wonder what it means. All of this is me. You may look down and see a coin where you know that there was nothing a second before. This is me. When you couldn’t find your keys and then they appeared – that was me. The other day when you caught a shadow out of the corner of your eye – that was me.

I never mean to upset or frighten you, only to help you stop for a moment and be more aware. You are often so consumed with life that you don’t really *see*, but be assured that me and others on the Other Side surround you with love every single day whether you are hearing our hello or not.

I am always around and sending you hellos from Heaven. Remember me. Talk to me. Love doesn’t die with the body. It continues to live on through the soul and the spirit. I am here with you. I am in your heart always. And this is my holiday hello to you.


Kristy Robinett

“I’m Always Here” –Author, Unknown 

 I have not turned my back on you,

So there is no need to cry.

I’m watching you from Heaven,

Just beyond the morning sky.

 I’ve seen you almost fall apart,

When you could barely stand.

I asked the Lord to comfort you,

And watched him take your hand.

 He told me you are in more pain,

Than I could ever be.

He wiped his eyes and swallowed hard,

Then gave your hand to me.

 Although you may not feel my touch,

Or see me by your side.

I’ve whispered that I love you,

While I wiped each tear you cried.

 So please try not to ache for me,

We’ll meet again one day.

Beyond the dark and stormy sky,

A rainbow lights the way.

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