Let It Go

My husband Chuck and I just returned from our visit to Red Mountain Resort where I conducted several workshops. To be honest, when I first accepted the invitation, I was nervous. And my husband was even more-so. Neither of us in the best shape and my husband a super picky eater, he was certain that he was going to starve to death. We both had visions of ultra fit people looking at us like “Who are you to be here?” Isn’t funny how we often psych ourselves out by preconceived notions? And as much as I almost cancelled several times over, taking some minor drama at home as a possible sign, we went. And those five days at the Red Mountain Resort was magical, and life changing. No – really.

I’ve never been the one to instantly jump into new ventures without thinking things through, checking in with my intuition, God/Angels, my guides and my family. And when something presents itself to me, I often ask for a sign that cannot be ignored. If it isn’t there, I pass it by and let it go without regrets. I don’t hover over it, but I contemplate it thoroughly.

I have several ‘these are my signs’ already set up so that there isn’t any ethereal miscommunication. They come in the forms of a code word (believe), an animal (an owl) and different number combinations. Sounds a bit like a James Bond movie, but it has worked for me for years. One of my number combinations is the 4’s. And years ago when my phone carrier handed me my cell phone with my last three digits being 444, I knew it was meant to be.

Snow Canyon

We checked into Red Mountain Resort and were immediately met by friendly employees who explained the classes, the food and the spa and handed us a map and our key to our room. We were so awed by the views of the mountains and the black lava rock that surrounded the property and our room with a plush bed, a desk and a comfortable chair and ottoman. Although the pool was closed for the season, the hot tub was just steps from our patio door – however, the bathroom tub with jets was just as relaxing!

A pretty place is one thing for my husband, but the food was going to be the deal sealer. We were exhausted when we went to dinner (you have to make reservations for your time so that they can stagger and give you the best service). When we were handed our menu, my husband was pleasantly surprised that there were several choices that he would choose, but promptly chose the turkey Bolognese, a favorite dish of his. My choice was the striploin, which was melt in your mouth delicious. With each dinner you help yourself to a salad and soup, are brought a bread basket, and then have a choice of several desserts – a hard choice since each one is so fabulous. They have a bar and the first night we decided to splurge on a mixed frozen drink.

With several choices each night for dinner, there was only one night that my husband wasn’t thrilled with the menu and the Chef asked him what he wanted and told him that he wanted him happy. And he was. Very. Breakfasts were filling, with many choices, and lunch was the same. A constant flow of iced tea, lemonade and sometimes hot chocolate, we filled up our water bottles and after two days stopped all cravings for pop/soda. The spa, a beautiful structure, with a wonderful and kind hearted staff, helped us relax and even helped my husband when he got sick with the flu.

Inspiration Trail – Inspiration Trail was surrounded by black lava rock, also called basalt. Basalt helps give stability during times of change. It helps cleanse away from anger and gives guidance and understanding. It helps provides emotional tranquility, stability and patience and fosters creativity. It has protective qualities and helps to keep negativity away.

Inspiration Trail was, well inspirational as was the meditation labyrinth, and Snow Canyon was breathtaking. We walked everywhere, hiked some of the trails, were able to bike a little bit and with each day felt as if we understood the changes we needed to make when we went back to the real world. We are now eating healthier, exercising daily and thank Red Mountain Resort for the jump start.

During our time there, although I was doing readings, workshops and lectures (and trying to baby my husband who was dealing with H1N1), I spent time journaling and creating a manifesto of sorts for 2014 and beyond, declaring what I wanted, how I wanted to feel and ways that I might be able to do it. In the meantime, I was doubting myself. So as I often do, I asked if I was on the right course to show me my signs. One night I felt especially frustrated and stuck so I went for a night-time walk (with a flashlight). The night was especially quiet. The stars brighter than I had ever seen in my entire life. And just as I rounded the corner of our building I heard it. An owl. Thinking I must be mistaken (hey, I am a city girl), I stopped and listened hard and sure enough, heard it again, this time louder and clearer. An owl. And the path became brighter even in the darkness. And I let all of my insecurities go.

It works for me and will more than likely for you as well. If you feel as if you are stuck, here are some suggestions:

The most important thing, though, is to just pay attention to your heart and trust yourself. And sometimes you just have to let it all go in order to see the new paths in front of you. And when life knocks you over, roll over and look at the stars! You’ve got this!


Kristy Robinett


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