Happily Ever After

Last Sunday my little girl became a Mrs. with only a two weeks’ notice and only days’ notice that her fiancé (a Marine) was given weekend leave. And so my daughter Micaela and I planned a small outdoor wedding for our closest family and friends, all the while praying that the weather would cooperate, Caleb’s plane wouldn’t be delayed or orders revoked, the flowers would arrive on time, and on and on. What happened in those two weeks could only be described as divinely aligned from the dress that we found off the rack at a bridal store, that needed absolutely no alterations, to the chosen wedding destination and reception establishments able to accommodate the day and time, to our friends who did the wedding set up, hair and makeup having a free calendar, along with the Wedding Officiant and musicians – and to the sun shining brightly the entire time. Now I can’t say that there weren’t absolutely any glitches, but there wasn’t anything that could be described as near catastrophic.

Normally a worrier, even my husband Chuck, described me as quite relaxed (as I could be) during a hectic work schedule to boot on top of the unexpected ceremony. It wasn’t until later what I realized that I did differently and wanted to share it with you.

We all, at one time or another, are put in a situation where you pray that everything goes right. It might be waiting for a new job, a job promotion, a new love, a sale of a house, or purchase of a house, and so on. And the first thing that most all do is – PANIC and then FESTER with worry. The old saying that a watched pot never boils is so true about so many life challenges. So what to do instead: 

4 Steps to Helping Divine Timing

  1. Take ACTION and have a VISION, but let go of ATTACHMENT.  Believe me, not everything will go perfectly, but if you can roll with the punches along the way, it will save you later from having to purchase blood pressure medication and hair dye.
  2. Stay in the HERE and NOW. By staying in the here and now in lieu of worrying about the then and upcoming, it will help you stay on track. One foot in front of the other instead of getting your feet all tangled and falling down.
  3. SHARE the Wealth – meaning the good, bad and the worry. Give over all of your concerns, excitement, aspirations, etc. on the situation to your spouse, friends, family, angels, loved ones on the Other Side, your journal – SOMEONE!! When you keep it bottled in, you are actually saying to the Universe that you are afraid it won’t happen, and you don’t want to be disappointed or anyone to think you are silly for wanting this or that to happen.  Communicating it also helps to see where your blocks and fears might be and how relevant or ridiculous they are.
  4. Be GRATEFUL for what is yet to come, even if you aren’t completely sure how it will all pan out.

So whether you are {im}patiently awaiting the love of your life, your dream home, a baby, a new job or fill in the blank – squash the panic and worry and instead think of the happily ever after…


Kristy Robinett


My gratitude goes to:

Courtney at Pizzaz for hair (16717 Middlebelt Rd, Livonia, MI 48154 – (734) 458-4050)

Marygrace – http://marygracemakeup.com/

Colleen – Photography by Colleen Kew – https://www.facebook.com/photographybycolleenkew

Northville’s Historic Mill Race Village

Aubree’s in Livonia – http://www.aubrees.com/

Tammara – Event Planner – http://www.grandjourevents.com/

Christian and Shelby – great and young musicians

Sandy – for Officiating

And a zillion other people behind the scenes who helped!


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