School Spirit

mariancenter2On Saturday, July 19th I was honored to bring a group of amateur and seasoned paranormal investigators to a Milwaukee landmark, the Marian Center for Nonprofits was St. Mary’s Academy, which dates back to the early 1900’s. Now an independent nonprofit corporation that is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, there had been reports that so many might not have left when the doors shut on the Academy. Beyond the tall stone walls there were reports of shadows, voices, and even interactions with the spirits of the past, thought to protect the massive building. We decided to see if mere legend, or possible truths.

The group was first separated into two teams – Mikey and Janny’s team and Kristy and Chuck’s team. I was to have the gymnasium and the second floor, while M & J had the old building. We originally was supposed to have the auditorium as well, but there was a burlesque show for the troops that was taking place, and although this did do some contaminations, I think that there were so many personal experiences, that it didn’t ruin the evening.

My group gathered in the auditorium and began to use the many tools that we brought – recorder, dowsing rods, K2, flashlight technique, motion detectors, spirit box, etc. We immediately received responses through the electronics, and then many personal experiences happened, to people feeling touched, to names and information being called out on the spirit box that was more connected to the people in the group, rather spirits in the building – something I discuss at all of my investigations. When we open the door to the Other Side, we also open up the communication our loved ones who’ve crossed. It doesn’t mean that they are stuck, just that they get that opportunity to visit and give you a heaven hello. As we continued to be awed by the quick response, which is uncommon and typically is more like watching paint dry, a participant walked down the hallway with her walker when several of us saw a dark shadow running next to her. I asked her who was with her and as soon as she gave me a blank look, several ran into the hallway only to see nobody there. Well, nobody that they saw. Half of the group, all those who were facing the doorway, saw the shadow. And so it was the beginning of a pretty awesome evening.

The second floor was noisy and there were workers going in and out of an office, so it wasn’t the easiest area to investigate. However, many also had personal experiences and through the different communicating techniques, we received information that was a tad disturbing – there were several children who hadn’t crossed over, and a man who wouldn’t allow them to. “We are stuck” is the message we got several times, but as much as we tried to cross over the children, it was as if even our energy couldn’t produce enough light or open the door for them to step through. It was disappointing to me as I don’t do investigations as a means to treat them as if they are in a zoo for our viewing, but to help. Without being able to do anything further, we Mikey and Janny and I switched groups. During the second floor investigations, we did see several shadows and heard humming.

An investigation isn't complete without a cake from Aggie's Bakery!
An investigation isn’t complete without a cake from Aggie’s Bakery!

It was a much different experience with the second group – much quieter and it made me wonder if the spirits were just bored with us. By this time, the second floor was very noisy and so we decided to combine the groups for the last hour. We met back in the room where we had delicious cake by Aggie’s Bakery and other goodies. Every ghost hunter needs to be well nourished.

We decided to group in the old building where it was quieter. And again, we saw many shadows and we heard humming. Many felt as if they were being touched, and we received information on the spirit box – a female said the name of the school sport’s team before it was named – The Lakers. And there was a man who said that he had a heart attack and passed, and was connected with the school. We heard humming that was loud and clear, very sing songy.  And again, received some great EVP’s.

I would love to do an all-nighter in the building, where we wouldn’t have any contaminations. It was obvious that the spirits were thrilled to talk with us and that it wasn’t just a legend, but that the old Academy still shows school spirit.


Listen to some of the EVPs here:

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