Full Moon and Book Release

fullmoontipsWe start this week with a Full Moon and this moon has us expecting the unexpected. You’ve probably been feeling the moon energy for a couple days already. Some feel energized, others agitated. Anything that is in disharmony will feel abrasive. This moon gives you the opportunity to clear away the emotional baggage of this year. Any unfulfilled dreams or wishes may be making you feel wistful and frustrated. The good thing is this full moon offers you the opportunity to reinvent yourself or give sail to your dreams.

The next couple days pay attention to the lessons that are being revealed to you. These are messages to release, not analyze and obsess over. This insight is to help you heal, release, and move forward. Be careful to not get caught up in those who want to cause drama and trip you as you journey through your own healing. This is all in preparation for an amazing August 21st New Moon that will offer extra oomphs of magic to many.

To read more about the Full Moon visit here. 

This week is exciting for me as Messages From a Wonderful Afterlife is finally released to all of you (in fact in Full Moon fashion Amazon started distributing them early!).  Some keep thinking it is the 2 year old “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” (that one has a hummingbird on it and this new one a dragonfly), but this is actually a continuation of – sort of like a Book 2. I always feel nervous with every book release. Will anyone buy it? Will anyone like it? It’s typically sleepless nights for a while. The life of an author is so glam, right? After a rough day I was driving home and talking to my guides.

“Just give me a sign that you haven’t bailed on me?” I sighed in unusual frustration.

Sometimes you have to wait awhile for a sign, it’s rarely instant, but just then a great big red shiny truck pulled out of a driveway towards me with the large MACK on the front. My grandpa, who I’ve spoken of many times before and in my books, often helps me. His real name was Grant, but was often called Red or Mack (for McLaughlin). I didn’t doubt, I simply smiled and thanked grandpa. When I got home I opened up my email to find a message from a police officer. He explained that he was dealing with a terrible homicide trial and went to a coffee shop to try and take a break. As he was sitting there, out of uniform, a stranger came up to him. He said it was an elderly man who asked if he might gift a book to him. The book – my newest – Messages From a Wonderful Afterlife.

“I never read, but I couldn’t put the book down, Kristy. I finished it in just a couple days. I cried and I laughed, and I had my own awakenings. I decided to order a bunch of copies of your books to stock in office and in my car and gift them to people I think might need them, which would be everyone. Thanks for being a blessing to so many.”

Sign number 2, and I was happy with Mack.

Our loved ones are around us giving us signs and helping us through our insecurities and fears, offering us hope and love, always. Some days we need those signs more than others, though.

So on this Full Moon week I wish you a week filled with releases and signs.

Did you know our loved ones go to their funeral? More here on The Dead Attend Their Funeral.

I believe in you!
Kristy Robinett
Have you ordered like all the other cool kids yet?

Messages from a Wonderful Afterlife is NOW available.
Messages from a Wonderful Afterlife is NOW available.
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