No Strings On Me

“You’re way too sensitive,” he told me. “If you were only stronger. If you had thicker skin. If you were…” “Someone other than me,” I replied with tears rolling down my cheek. The same tears that angered him. The same tears that made him think I was weak. The fact was I felt everything. I [Read More…]

Wishing You a Lovely Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be painful for many. It’s a painful reminder to those who don’t have their mom in the physical. It’s a painful reminder for those who tried to become a mom, or who wanted to become a mom but didn’t have the partner or right partner for it. It’s a painful reminder for [Read More…]

Country Living – Ups, Downs and Raccoon

The last week of September 2016 my family and I moved to rural Michigan. It was a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl. I grew up in Detroit and then lived most all of my life in the suburbs of Detroit, just a few miles from freeways and blocks from convenience [Read More…]

Connecting To The Future

“I don’t want to know my future,” my client said to me, picking up a crystal on my side table and rubbing it gently. “And I don’t want to interrupt my people on the Other Side, if this gets them into trouble.” Her friend sat on the couch next to her and laughed. “Cheryl, you [Read More…]

Flower Moon

  The full moon on May 10, 2017 – 05:42 pm ET, which appearsĀ in the sign of Scorpio and is bound to bring up some heightened emotions. The FLOWER moon can bring about anxiety, arguments and a short temper for the next 48 hours. Betrayals and hurt feelings from those close around you may surprise [Read More…]