A Dialogue of Angels

What existed before the beginning?

 “Before” and “beginning” are irrelevant.

Time is not primordial, nor is space or matter or energy.

Then why is there something rather than nothing?

 If nothing existed, we would not exist to know that nothing.

Yet nothing exists if it is unknown.

 Therefore nothing, being unknown, cannot exist; therefore something exists.

You’re playing with words.

 That is how it all began, by playing with words.


In the beginning, there is no beginning. It always exists.

But what does “it” mean?

 Itself. We say, “It is raining.”

What is raining?

 The rain. Rain rains.

It’s both noun and verb.

Existence exists.

It must be known to exist.

 It knows itself.

Knowing knows that it knows.

Knowing is primordial.

How can an “it” know itself?

 It’s not an “it,” it is alive.

Are you saying that life, existence, is the Tao?

 No, it is not impersonal.

It is a person, who cares.

Caring is primordial.

How do you know that it cares?

 Because we care.

If caring had never existed,

how could it come to be?

Now you’re asking me.

 And it is not an “it.”

It is not sexless.

It is not less than human.

Is it a he or a she?

 Both, but not androgynous.

He exists. She exists.

Gender is primordial.

So there are two different ultimate realities?

 No, just one.

How can it be both two and one?

 It, they, are infinite.

The infinite can be, must be, even what it cannot be.

Yet either He or She must be ultimate.

 No, not either/or, instead, both/and.

Only one can be infinite.

 In the infinite there is no difference between one and many.

There is an infinity of infinities, of divinities.

There is no end of Gods and Goddesses.

Each one is ultimate.

That is hard to imagine.

 The difficulty is in our limited imaginations,

In the clumsiness of the words we must use.

Why not create more precise words?

 No matter how precise a map we create,

It approaches asymptotically to zero as a percentage of infinity.

Then we can never know what is true about your infinite person.

 Only if He, She, decides to tell us.

Does He, She, ever do that?

 Of course. All the time,

to every one of us.

We need only listen.

But why?

 Because He, She, cares.


[Don’t worry. I plan to expand on all this a lot.]



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