More Wisdom & Wisecracks of the Old Ones

Hermes Trismegistos, X, 24-25:

Humans are being divine in nature,  comparable not to other living creatures on the Earth, but to the Gods in Heaven. Indeed, if we speak truly and fearlessly, a person who is indeed truly human is superior to the Gods in Heaven, or at least equal to them in power. None of the Gods of Heaven will ever quit Heaven, pass its boundaries, or come down to Earth, but humans ascend to Heaven and measure it. What’s more, they mount to Heaven without quitting the Earth, to so vast a distance can they put forth their power. Therefore we must not hesitate to say that a human on Earth is a mortal God, and a God in Heaven is an immortal human. [Sounds like aspecting to me.]

Four from Herakeitos:

Anodos katados: the way up and the way down are one and the same.

If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not discover it, for it cannot be searched for and is hard to comprehend.

Upon those who step into the same rivers, different waters are always flowing. All things are in process; nothing remains still. So you cannot step twice into the same river. All things are in motion all the time—but this escapes our perception.

You would not trace the boundaries of Psyche by travelling every pathway, so deep a logic does she have. . . . [She] is a spark of the essential substance of the stars. (Here by Psyche Herakleitos  means consciousness)

Hesiod: Truly first of all Chaos came to be . . . and Eros, fairest among immortal Gods, looser of limbs, who subdues in their breasts the mind and thoughtful counsel of all Gods and all humans. [Plato says somewhere that it is Eros who drives us to seek for truth.]

Thales: All things are full of Gods. The mind of the world is Zeus, and the entirety of all things is besouled and full of spirits.

Xenophanes: Mortals think the Gods are born and have clothes and speech and bodies like their own. The Ethiopians say that their Gods are snubnosed and black, the Thracians that theirs have light blue eyes and red hair. But if cattle or horses ot lions had hands and could draw with their hands and do the works that humans do, horses would draw the Gods to look like horses, and cattle like cattle; each would give them bodies such as they have themselves.


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