Announcing Mythopoiesis: A Journal of Poetry and Radical Thought

When I have fears that I may cease to beBefore my pen has gleaned my teeming brain . . .At my back I always hearTime’s winged chariot, hurrying near. I edited and published four issues of a journal by that name (to be accurate, the first two issues were called The Catholic Socialist Review) back in the mid-1980s, using the primitive technology of paper and the US mail. There was no way it could have been self-sustaining. Now, the world is changed, changed utterly / A te … [Read more...]

Lenin, State and Revolution, the One Percent, and Me

In June of 1963, I wrote my first Goddess ritual, for the wedding of my dear friends Larry and Catherine Shaw. I had been planning to graduate from San Francisco State that month, but the administration ruled that my having only 27 transfer credits from UC Berkeley, not 30, meant that I had to take the 18 units of General Education courses that I had thought I could skip. That was too heavy a load for just one semester, I thought; so, since I could still get the National Defense loan, I decided … [Read more...]

From the Diary of St. Allogenes

This is an experiment, created by piecing together lines from the Coptic document "Allogenes." which means "The Other-Begotten," with a few similar lines from other such documents--and changing "He" to "She" and so on. What is most interesting to me is the line "I became divine." Some apparently think it is a metaphor, or means "I developed a grandiose opinion about myself." No, given the preceding lines, which I have kept in place, I think the writer meant that he had experienced the Awakening … [Read more...]

Winning the War Against White Male Privilege

It is obvious that being white, male, strong, bright, and creative is unfair to all who lack those traits. So, in the interests of social justice, I will carry on the legacy of Dean Swift and Ayn Rand by offering a few modest proposals for rectifying such inequality. The most visible problem is that of skin color. If everyone were light brown, the average color for mankind in general, that would solve the problem. Paint or makeup would serve. Especially the darkest-brown people in Africa must … [Read more...]

The Second Letter of Diana

This is a discrete unit from my ongoing Books of the Sacred Marriage. Should I post it at all? The universal plague we face cannot be combatted by politeness. As I have said, Witchcraft is, and must inherently be, an In Your Face religion. I know, of course, there will be many who, out of ignorance, will insist on misunderstanding and misinterpreting this fictive epistle. I don't care. The minority to whom it is addressed will understand it. 2. The Second Epistle of Diana I, Diana X, to the … [Read more...]

My Gnostic, Heretical Books Are Available on Amazon

Being far more focused on completing the five (at least) current books I am working on, I rarely think about the boring mundane tasks of marketing and promotion, but since I have not recently put up even an announcement about my books, it has occurred to me that it might be salutary to does so, mainly because this morning my Higher Self seems to have taken over and relieved me of worry about the petty, vindictive landlord we are dealing with, reminding me that I have important work to finish … [Read more...]

The Hymn of the Eternal Marriage

I enjoy finding fragments of lost treasures and piecing them together to see what they might have been like. This is a hypothetical reconstruction of a Gnostic myth. It find it aesthetically pleasing that I could assemble it entirely of passages from the Gnostic sources. I'm presenting it not as what I believe in any literal sense, but as their vision of the archetype of the Divine Lovers, an archetype that makes sense to Witches and a great many other people. The sources can be found in The Nag … [Read more...]

War Against Women: Empower the Victims

This train of thought was set off by Lasara Firefox’s moving tribute to the memory of her friend Shannon Williams, dead of a brain tumor in her 30s. (I remember being naked with Lasara and a whole lot of other people in a huge mudbath at a Church of All Worlds Sabbat about 25 years ago. Drool, you cowans.)I am heartened by the Swedes: they have decriminalized the selling of sex; have made buying sex a major crime; and are enabling women to get out of the sex business (or sex slavery) and f … [Read more...]

Trekking Toward Nineveh, Mile One

I have finally, step by step, been forced to realize what I must do. Since I am 74, I must do it now. I have been thinking and learning about our universal madness for 60 years. How much time have I left to describe what might begin to combat it?I am not overjoyed at having to face this task. What comes to mind is the delightful short story of Jonah, which I will explicate by a paraphrase.The Lord says, “Jonah.”Jonah says, “Ah, speaking.”The Lord says, “Jonah, you will go to the p … [Read more...]

Prologue to a Story of Jesus and Mary

Two beats of God’s heart ago, two thousand years as we feel time, the Awakened wrote myths, using the best science of their time, each hoping to Awaken at least another. I was Awakened sixty years ago. I can write a myth and hope to do as much, using the science we have now, knowing that after two more heartbeats another will write another myth, for the pursuit of knowledge cannot end in our infinity of infinite universes.IThere is no beginning, but words must begin. All our w … [Read more...]