More history of the Craft in California, plus the OTO, a fraternal magickal order associated with Aleister Crowley, and the OTA, dedicated to the goddess Astarte. Read more

I am thinking about how to teach what I actually know, which is far more than just the Craft, although I would include the advanced but non-oathbound information I have about the Craft, and about religion in general, about spiritual progress, how to reinvent oneself. Read more

“Initiates to the Sea” is perhaps the most significant poem I have ever written. It begins as a dirge for the child my second wife and I lost, who would have been my first child, then morphs into a meditation on the nature of our minds. Read more

Alexandrian Tradition is, in terms of ritual, a minor variant on Gardnerian Witchcraft, although its adherents now far outnumber the orthodox Gardnerians. Read more

The New York Coven of Welsh Traditional Witches was founded about 1970 by Edmund Buczynski (1947-1989), Herman Slater (1938-1992), and Leo Martello (1930-2000). All three were among the first to publicly defend gay rights within the Pagan movement. Read more

The New England Coven of Traditionalist Witches was founded in North Haven, CT, in the late 1960s by Lady Gwen Thompson (Phyllis Healey, 1928-1986). Believing that not all who are born into a family tradition are destined to follow it, she began fostering students outside the family. Read more

As followers of Kharpocrates, we celebrate our bodily pleasures, unlike the heretics, and teach our initiates to do the same. We are free to enjoy all the pleasures of life that are bestowed on us by the Lord and that the foolish heretics reject. Read more

Mark prayed to the Goddess Charis to drop her sacred blood into the cup that all may be inspired and empowered by it, saying, “May that Charis who is before all things, and who transcends all knowledge and speech, fill your inner being and multiply in you her own knowledge.” Read more

My dear Theophilus, all the brothers and sisters send you greetings in the name of the Lord and the Lady. I will endeavor to answer your questions concerning the teachings of our founders and of all who have preserved the true mysteries of our faith. Read more

The “Gnostics” were radically dualistic and radically ascetic, but they were not the only variety of “heresy” in the ancient and medieval worlds. Read more

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