Going looking for old friends on the Net and discovering that they have passed on has become all too frequent these days: mourning Marvin Meyer. Read more

I think it logically impossible for Rabbi Joshua (commonly known as Jesus) to have believed or taught that our sexuality is sinful rather than our most precious gift. Read more

I see that an all-male court in Iowa has ruled that an employer can fire a woman merely because he finds her attractive. The dentist who fired her argued that he was defending family values because she was a threat to his marriage. It is almost depressing to see here the same problem that Rabbi Joshua of Nazareth preached against 2000 years ago. Read more

By February 1973 only five people had survived the year of training in the Spiral Dance Coven; the Full Moon Coven worked the Red Cord initiation for them in February and March of 1973. Now for the first time, there were Red Cord members of NROOGD who were not members of the Full Moon Coven, which therefore decided to transfer responsibility for running NROOGD as a whole (and particularly the Sabbats) to a new Red Cord Council, which would consist… Read more

Aidan Kelly gives a general overview of NROOGD to set the stage for explaining the role it played in the developments of the mid-1970s. Read more

My novel Goddess Murder is essentially a love story, about the romance between a college professor and a hereditary Witch, and how it is set off when the professor receives three apocryphal gospels smuggled out of the Vatican library by a Jesuit colleague who is then murdered. Read more

Now that I’ve been blogging for a few months, I have some opinions about it. Serious writing about things religious does not attract a mass audience, unlike action thrillers and other children’s literature. Read more

A scale of spiritual maturity for Pagans and others, built on a model originally designed by poet William Blake. Read more

When Sun was unperceived, Then moonlight came. When Moon was unperceived, Then thought remained. When thought was unperceived, The wind blew round And, nothing undeceived, Made not a sound. Read more

If you have the misfortune to be both Pagan and an addict, you may face the hurdle caused by the mistaken notion that Alcoholics Anonymous and other Twelve-Step programs are inherently Christian or at least monotheistic in nature. I hope here to lower that hurdle. Read more

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