A Tapestry of Witches II: The Alexandrians

This is an excerpt from A Tapestry of Witches: A History of the Craft in America, Volume II, from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s. Please note that the book will contain many footnotes. In 1974, Jim Baker, as a professional historian and museum curator, had realized that Alex Sanders had fed him a pack of, to put it politely, nonsense. He apologized to the members of Du Bandia Grasail, the first Alexandrian coven in America, for having misled them and… Read more

A Tapestry of Witches II: Lady Pythia and the Witchmage Tradition

Lady Pythia provides an interesting example of the fact that many covens who reinvented the Craft for themselves were accepted as valid by Witches of other Traditions. Read more

A Tapestry of Witches II: Circle and the Midwest Pagan Council

A history of Pagan goings-on in the Midwest, including Circle Sanctuary and the Midwest Pagan Council. Read more

Announcing: Previews of A Tapestry of Witches, Vol. II

Now that I have finished Part I of my autobiography—it is being vetted by a few people for final revisions—time and energy are freed up to get volume II of A Tapestry of Witches done and out. I will post excerpts of self-contained sections of it as I get them done, just to whet your appetite. The content will often be arranged differently in the book, which will also have lots of footnotes, which don’t work well on this blog…. Read more

Announcing: Songs for the Gods and Witches

As I have said before, I am primarily a poet, not a preacher or prophet. I believe (or at least would like to believe) that my poems are the most important work I do. I hope you might enjoy them. Read more

The Scourge of Unteachability

I recently posted a bon mot on Facebook. It read, “Stupidity is not a moral issue. Ignorance is.” To explain what I meant, I need to define some terms. “Stupidity” is not a polite word. Stupid people become very upset and offended when their stupidity is even mentioned. And it truly is uncompassionate to use that term to or about people whose stupidity is congenital, that is, people with such a low IQ that they are unable to understand abstract… Read more

Be just as we face corruption

Toynbee’s paradigm, that the collapse of a civilization begins when the creative minority is replaced by a dominant minority, applies to the current situation in our country. The dominant minority in this case consists of straight white males who claim to be Christian, but whose only value is selfishness. Their domination can be ended if the vast majority—women, genuine Christians, practicing members of all religions, people of any color other than white, people who believe in and practice compassion—ally with… Read more

Strategies for Survival After a Drastic Drop in Income

The normal human living group throughout all history, from hunting and gathering societies to the eighteenth century, was the extended family, about two dozen people. The Industrial Revolution created the “nuclear family” of husband, wife, and kids, so that workers could be moved to where factories had to be built. Such movement is no longer needed. Rather than be homeless, combine your household with that of relatives or friends who share your values, who you know you can live with…. Read more

We Need a “Diverse Majority” Party

Melinda was thinking about this; I suggested the name. Obviously we are dealing with a “dominant minority” that consists of straight, white, “Christian” men, those who, decades ago, were the majority. The problem is not with every one of them, of course, just a great many of them. The idea is to work for a coalition of ALL the people whom the egregious Mr. Trump appears to hate. Equally obviously, “business as usual” is over. Politics as usual is also… Read more

It’s Not Just About Trump: Unteachability Is a Mental Illness

Let’s look at what IQ means. It is not an innate, unchangeable trait. It is a measurement. If a kid at age 10 knows what a typical 15-year-old knows, then he has an IQ of 150; that is, he learns 50% faster than the average kid.  IQ is a measurement of speed of learning, and that speed can change. Further, the measurement is keyed to the educational system. It uses a standardized curriculum as the milestones. Hence, IQ cannot be… Read more

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