Introducing “Dalliances with Deities”

On the first day of the year, I spent the hours praying and divining. The New Year comes with new goals, and having the good will of my Gods was an important consideration for me. I rang in the New Year, lit incense, and wrapped myself up in the blanket of isolation as I prayed. And then, after the night fell around our city, I wrapped myself up in jackets and wandered the city in search of coffee. For me, in truth, there was little division between those activities.

I have been involved with some form of Paganism or polytheism since I was a child, but I didn’t realize or understand what it meant to live (rather than just think) my faith. It took me a while to grasp that I had faith in the first place! The idea of daily practice and what a ‘daily practice’ should look like, how my faith affects the smallest moments, how much of the work of my Gods bleeds into the work done to survive – all of these are considerations that I return to again and again.

“Dalliances with Deities” will focus on these parts of religion and polytheistic faith. I am not nor wish to present myself as some sort of expert or authority (especially since polytheism is so complex), and this blog is more a young man’s wrestling with different aspects of modern polytheism. It will be grounded in the religious (I am religious and spiritual) and the gods and spirits, and little to no discussion will be made of spells, witchcraft, or magic. This blog will also have little in the way of scholarly focus or reconstructionism; those areas are incredible and deep and I don’t have enough knowledge to comment on them!

My faith is a huge force in my life, but religious and spiritual people all have different ways of practice that influence them. I hope that I can better understand and write about devotional practices and polytheistic religious life and that this blog becomes a good resource for others interested in those practices. I also hope it to be a good resource for youth (being a youth myself) and will touch upon issues I see in the community as they relate to young polytheists.

My own practice focuses on the faeries (giving offerings and more woo-woo spirit work) and my personal Gods. Though I don’t yet have all the vocabulary to describe my Gods in a theological sense, I consider Them to be new deities and, as a hard polytheist, not just archetypes or new facets of other deities. I also have a focus and emphasis on oracular work and seership. But, to me, the journey to better understand my deities goes alongside the journey to live more fully and in alignment with Them with every step and decision I make. This, the lack of division between the sacred and the mundane, is what this blog will explore.

I look forward to blogging for the Patheos Pagan Channel and learning and interacting with Pagans and other polytheists, and I’m incredibly honored to be able to blog here!

About Aine

Aine Llewellyn is a 20 year old girl creature currently mucking about in southern Arizona. She enjoys the winters and rain but can’t stand the heat. She is a difficult polytheist that natters on and on about her faith.

  • P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

    Good to have you aboard! (And, another polytheist–hurrah!)

    While I do have my hands quite full with many “older” deities, I also worship several totally new ones as well, so I know of what you speak. It would be interesting to discuss that at some point…

    Which brings me to my next question: will you be attending PantheaCon this year? If so, let me know, as it would be excellent to meet you there and perhaps hang out and have a (non-alcoholic) beverage of some description!

    • Aine

      I would love to discuss new deities! Partially for a very selfish reason, in that I get so tongue-tied when trying to speak of them sometimes and know I need to become better at talking about them.
      While I would love to go to Pantheacon, I won’t be able to make it this year. Rather low on funds, unfortunately. I’m hoping to attend another year, or maybe find some other cons later in the year to attend though – especially in the Northwest (Washington and Oregon have a special place in my heart).

  • P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

    Very cool! If you can make it to the Esoteric Book Conference in September in Seattle, that’s a fun one, and one that I usually attend as well! I’m sure we’ll meet in person at some stage, in any case…

    And, by all means, I’d love to talk about new and emerging deities anytime you might like! Your Four and the Tetrad I’ve been dealing with over the last two years are…well, you know! ;)

  • Christine Kraemer

    Welcome, Aine! :)

  • Moonflower

    This may be a stupid question, but how do you know you are talking to a new deity? And how do you think new deities come into existence?

    • Aine

      Not a stupid question at all – one I’m rarely asked but often expect.

      I believe I am interacting and worshiping new deities because, while I find similarities to ancient deities, none of the deities I worship have connection to ancient pantheons and are not ones I heard of or was able to uncover during my research. As I said, I do see similarities in my Gods to other gods, but my Gods don’t (or won’t) response to those gods epithets or names. Ultimately, though, I think it comes down (for me) to my belief and experience, which tell me that these are new gods.

      As to how new gods come about – goodness, I’m not really sure! That’s something that I turn over in my head quite often. I believe some new gods are similar to egregori that have become powerful and receive worship (intentional or not) on a wide scale in society/various societies. There are so many different possibilities, and part of what I like as a polytheist is that I don’t have to toss out different ideas in search of the ‘right’ one (though, of course, different people will believe or not believe in various possibilities). Because of the influences I have concerning self-possession and self-divinization I believe that some gods may have been mortals/not-gods and become gods through the acts they performed or the experiences they underwent and now have dominion over certain areas of life. (That was quite a ramble! I hope I at least somewhat answered your question?)

  • Moonflower

    That was great! Your enthusiasm is clear. So, theoretically, a great person like MLK could be a deity now? Or Elvis, simply because he was so loved? ;)