Feedback Requested!

Hey readers! Another check-in, and I’ve got some questions for you that I could really use responses on…

July is a super busy month for me, religiously. I’ll be headed up to Seattle on the 23rd of this month. Two days before that I am going to have a huge ceremony in my personal practice, and there’s a bunch of goodness to get up to this month religiously and spiritually. At the end of this month, the 31st, I’ll also be celebrating the deification and ascension of the Dierne. I’m working on setting up a virtual shrine space, finalizing some prayers, getting even more intense in my devotional vanity project, and just finishing up a huge cleaning out of my house and restructuring of my shrines. (The cleaning and restructuring fits in with monsoon season – our ‘spring cleaning’.)

So there’s that. A fair amount of what goes on this month isn’t going to be posted publicly, as it will be very private and, I suspect, not relevant to most people.

As for what I will be writing…

I’ve been reading and finishing up a few ‘101’ books to get a better idea of how to structure introductory books when I finally write up an introductory book for the Otherfaith. As such, a few reviews may be on the way. What I’m needing feedback on is what you, as readers, want to see concerning information about the Otherfaith. Are you more interested in theory, or are you more interested in practice?

Theory includes more information about the Four Gods, their related spirits, my discernment and journeying methods, how the Westernlands relates to our world, ethics, how the gods influence our perception of the world and our culture…that sort of thing.

Practice includes prayer, rituals, actual saying and doing. It’s actually doing our devotion rather than just thinking.

I’m interested in what my readers would like to see and find helpful. I mulled it over with my gods and their response was to keenly point out I should ask the people I’m writing for.

As an important note, I will be continuing my series on house spirits, as well as smaller spirits that we can encounter in our daily lives, and how to interact with them. I hope to have the next post in that series up this week. I’ll also be continuing with my series on online practices this month.

Thank you, as always, for reading!

About Aine

Aine Llewellyn is a 20 year old girl creature currently mucking about in southern Arizona. She enjoys the winters and rain but can’t stand the heat. She is a difficult polytheist that natters on and on about her faith.

  • dashifen

    For my part, it’s the theory that I’m usually interested in. I can usually work out practice from that theory for myself unless there’s some very, very specific forms from which one is not supposed to stray (that said, I stray anyway).

    • Aine

      Well, it is a specific religion, with specific practices, so straying would pretty much mean you’re doing something else (and in some cases, I would recommend against straying when working with these gods, as more mystical paths or practices could have you in very hot water with them)…

      • dashifen

        Oh, I understand that completely. My tendency to ignore practice is part of why I stray, and also likely why I prefer the theory and theology as an intellectual exercise.

  • Christine Kraemer

    Definitely discernment and more articulation about how such practices might contribute to a healthy spiritual life in a specifically urban, technological environment.

  • Eilidh Nic Sidheag

    I like about 50/50 theory/practice in a 101 book. Enough on the theory to reassure me that the practice is coherent, and enough on the practice to help me see why the theory matters. They support each other.

    If the book is about my own faith, then of course I also want the practice section to give me enough to get started with confidence. But even when the faith isn’t my own, I still like to read about the practice, because often it gives me ideas that I can implement in my own practice.

    • Aine

      Agreed! That is why I read beginner books for other faiths, since I find them very useful in terms of ideas, as well as layout, and just…all together useful!

      As I was mulling over this more, I realized an Otherfaith 101 book would be first introductions to the gods and spirits, theory, and then preparation for the practice (what’s to be expected and also how not to get in hot water with the spirits and such), and /then/ the practice.

      • Eilidh Nic Sidheag

        Yes, I think that would be a good order to present it in. Including something specific on preparation for the practice is a great idea; I don’t think I’ve often seen that.