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I put together a devotional packet for a newcomer to the Otherfaith today. It was a very rewarding project, and I look forward to preforming similar services as the Otherfaith grows. Immediately after, I started working on a new post for the Otherfaith blog – another mythic story – and all in all I’m feeling pretty great about that.

Productive days are awesome.

Sunday is, as always, cleaning day. That means scrubbing the shrine down, washing all the shrine dishes, and otherwise getting my room ready for the week ahead. (Laundry, vacuuming, putting away all jewelry and makeup that’s left out, tossing away unneeded items…) Sunday is one of my favorite days, partially because it gives me a chance to clean clean clean. It gives me space to live my life without so much worry in the week to come – both in regular and devotional life.

And I’ve been thinking about devotion a lot lately.

Wake, pray, try to find work, pray, sleep, repeat. That’s the core. That’s the basis of what I do. Everything else is extra. Everything else is more. That my life is consumed (wrecked, lead, uplifted, destroyed) by my religion isn’t because I’m more pious or more beloved by my gods. It just is. How it always has been, how it will always be – for me.

I gave up my life to my gods. Just like if I had been so focused on being a lawyer I would have given up my life to that pursuit. That my focus is religious makes me no better than anyone else.

What I would love, adore, and generally be totally excited to see would be to hear other’s stories of their devotional lives. Or just their day to day religious or spiritual lives. Cause that is awesome, and interesting, and definitely not focused on. So, I’m going to urge any and everyone to submit their stories to Gods’ Mouth 2.0. Myself – I won’t be submitting, mostly because we already have enough ‘constant devotion all the time’ people speaking, and I wouldn’t be contributing anything new.

"Best of luck on this new venture!"

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Moving Forward
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