The myth of Muslim power

Yakoub the Muslim Anarchist captures my scorn for all this Europe-is-under-siege-from-Muslim-extremism rhetoric:

To claim publishing these cartoons is in any way a defiant act is like saying shooting fish in a barrel is shark fishing. Europeans have been vomiting all over the Islamic faith since the crusades, and contemporary examples pile layer upon layer of hatred and prejudice – whether it be Rushdie’s Satanic Verses or Daniel Pipes’ campus watch. Freedom of speech my backside! Well, here’s my freedom of speech response to those responsible for this act of heresy:


I’m reminded of the old observation that  freedom of speech means freedom to speak if you happen to own a printing press. 

Anyone who thinks that Muslims are taking over the world or even calling the shots hasn’t the foggiest notion where international power resides today and how marginal and impotent, for all the media hand-wringing over Muslim extremism, Muslims collectively are.  I suspect that is part of why you see such extreme reactions to seemingly trivial matters.  The Muslim masses know how little say they have over the world they live in.

This BBC article sheds some light on the situation.  Its highlighting of the power of the modern media to create new crises is particularly important to remember. 

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