A Brahmin Who Sent a Muslim for Haj (ARAB NEWS)

A heartwarming reminder that not all Muslim/Hindu relations in India today are riven by strife and fear. 

A Brahmin Who Sent a Muslim for Haj (ARAB NEWS):

Hasan from Aurangabad in India’s Maharashtra state is one of the millions of pilgrims standing shoulder-to-shoulder as Muslims here on the plains of Arafat where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) delivered his last sermon. The standing of the pilgrims in Arafat is the climax of Haj.

Hasan was able to stand here yesterday thanks to the sponsorship of a caring family back home — a family of Brahmins.

[…]The Jagtaps never forgot Hasan’s loyalty after he retired. Mrs. Jagtap decided to send Hasan to Haj at her expense. She explained her decision to her son and reminded him of what Hasan did for him when he was a school-going boy.  Surendra said he would bear all the expenses of Hasan’s pilgrimage, but Mrs. Jagtap insisted she will pay and in the end she had her way.

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