MugMouse, the next wave of “Danish Design”

This is simply brilliant, Denmark’s coolest contribution to modern life since the Danish Design movement. 

It’s also somehow subversive yet very hyggelig.

I give you MugMouse, a mouse-cum-coffee cup whose explicit purpose is to make you "rethink […] the way people work at computers by making it easy to build slowness into your daily activities."

The latest in computer accessories: The Mugmouse!

The MugMouse website explains:

MugMouse plays on the idea of deliberately choosing to use a slower mouse for a while. Filled with tea or coffee you have to move it more carefully than a normal mouse. Do certain tasks at the computer deserve a bit more time, reflection or personal involvement? Checking your email, visiting your favourite website or blog, reading the daily news, shopping etc. MugMouse can be seen as a reward; serving as a signal to yourself and others that you are having a little time away from your work.

This is wisdom worthy of the sages of old.

A grateful tip of the (unhorned) helm to Yunus.

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