Reluctant “Eid Mubarak” and looking for info on Eid in Atlanta

A reluctant (but very warm and sincere) Eid mubarak.

Reluctant because I’m finding myself forced to drop everything and celebrate today because the Saudi mafia has convinced all the mosques in my region to ignore the duly considered verdict of the two largest North American Islamic organizations and celebrate on Friday instead of Saturday. 

I get sooo tired of this annual rite of confusion, but more on that later.  (Those not in the know, see this article for a hint at the mayhem that takes place each year.)

Anyway, can anyone give me the lowdown on Eid venues in Atlanta? I’m hoping to still catch Eid prayers.

Are there any halls with bazaars, etc., for families in Atlanta for this Eid? If so, where?


  • Zack

    Eid Mubarak with the same sentiments as yours!
    As for Eid prayers, it’s too late now but may be the Lawrenceville mosque would suit you next time.
    As for Eid bazaar or mela, let me check.

  • Zack

    Chandraat mela tonight.

  • ayesha

    eid mubarak!! yeah we were sooo glad raleigh went with saturday, because friday seemed like such a kooky decision. altho had this great pic of a thin crescent sighted thursday evening in iran… anyway sorry you guys had such a muddle…

  • Indigo Jo Blogs

    A senseless Eid scandal

    To start off, now that it really is Eid and I’ve got the time and energy to type, Eid Mubarak everybody. Anyway … All this Ramadan, I’ve been working on the assumption that today was going to be Eid, largely…

  • Ginny

    Assalamu alaikum, had the smae Eid connundrum, though I couldn’t go to the Eid prayers even if I’d wanted to (didn’t take off work). What a surprise this year was!? BTW, I blogged about it too (lol), though it’s probably a little late to read it now.

  • Abu Sinan

    Eid Mubarak. Everyone(almost) celebrated it here on Saturday. Odd, but it seems that with the people I know, the Saudis and the Pakistanis and Bengalis all celebrated on Friday.
    I think that might be the only time in recorded history here where the Saudis and Pakistanis did something on the same day.

  • Suzanne

    Eid Mubarak (belatedly). You did the best thing brother. Al Hamdu Lillah I had the blessing of celebrating with my Masjid on Saturday, but we should still follow our local mesjid just to avoid fitnah and keep the community together. Had my community prayed on Friday, I would have celebrated just like you (reluctantly, but done it too :) )
    May Allah SWT accept all of our pure intentions.
    I just wanted to add, somebody above posted that had displayed a pic of the new moon on thursday night in Iran- that was not a pic of the NEW moon, it was a pic of the OLD (end of Ramadan) moon, taken Wednesday Night in Iran. actually removed the pic because too many people were confused and thought it was the new moon.
    Anyways, hope everyone’s Eid was blessed! waSelaam