Non Skeptical Essays on Islamic Law & pluralism

Aasem at Non Skeptical Essays has a stimulating post on Islamic Law. Here’s an excerpt from Dynamics of Change in Islamic Law (I): Normative Pluralism:

In my view, the most important crisis that Muslim society miserably failed to handle during Islam’s sojourn into modernity is diversity. By diversity, I mean religious heterogeneity in any form, may it be the pronouncement of legal injunctions, opinions regarding societal norms or something as personal as individual religious practices.

I don’t have the eloquence to summarize his arguments succinctly, so check it out yourself.

I look forward to his next post on the topic.

I posted a comment and quipped about my own skepticism about some of the common “pious” assumptions about Islamic law among modern Muslims. An excerpt:

My take on Ijma is a bit like that of the oft cited construct of the “Judeo-Christian Tradition”: It’s appropriate for many (perhaps most) matters, but on some very important topics it’s a huge oversimplification that in practice papers over complexities we’re uncomfortable grappling with.

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