Après cela, le déluge

Speaking of Eid, عيد مبارك / Eid mubarak!

And  שנה טובה לכולם  / L'shana tova tikatevu , to Jews, for that matter. (What a nice overlap we have this year.)

I have a habit that is lamentable enough in real life, but positively lethal when you blog (and one of the reasons I've often vowed to quit entirely). I'll be charged up with outrage/fascination/amusement  by this or that
development, and start  pounding out a post, only to immediately be rudely
interrupted and thus put the post aside. 

When I later get
a chance to sit down, I'm usually
not in the mood to revisit in-my-mind-old topics. So I start a new
post, begin to write, get yanked away the minute the post
starts to assume a quasi-presentable shape, and thus the cycle of blogging Samsara begins anew. (I'm sure many bloggers share this vice, but I suspect that the sheer volume and hoary vintage my drafts would put most self-declared slackers to shame.)

One of the reasons sometimes given by Muslim scholars for the wholesale ban on
interest in traditional Islamic economics* is that the use of interest in modern Western banking encourages
the hoarding of wealth in bank accounts as opposed to its reinvestment into the economy. Money should circulate and be put to productive use, the reasoning goes, not locked up in vaults.

The same goes for useful information, I say, so I'm going to promote these poor, lost posts out of "draft" limbo even if it means unleashing some painfully wooden or hopelessly rambling posts.  I think many include of these drafts contain if nothing else some information that people might find of value. And it would be nice to get a little use out of these drafts, too.

So forgive me if some of my upcoming posts are dated, typo-ridden or otherwise underdeveloped. I have a drafts folder to clean out.

* One with which I do not entirely agree, but that's another discussion. 

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