And their “mutawa” carry prayer beads, too

There’s an interesting article in The Economist on morality police in Sri Lanka who are cracking down on immodestly dressed women, unmarried couples who smooch in public, and so on.

The unexpected twist is that they’re enforcing the Dharma, not Sharia. According to the article, these actions–which are arguably unconstitutional–meet widespread popular approval.

Sri Lanka’s moral policing: Rajapaksa’s big cover-up | The Economist

  • `Ata’

    If the vast majority of the people deem these acts as immoral, at least such is implied by the article, then what exactly is the problem?
    The only concern that I would have is cops thinking they have the authority to bust open my hotel room door, or my house to do their amr bil ma’ruf…in the public domain though I could see the worry of fornicators doing so openly…
    I had no idea that the buddhists were so conservative though…