January 6, 2015

As I’ve been making my way towards the Catholic Church I’ve thought a lot about Christian unity. As a Protestant, I always struggled with the cascading number of Christian denominations. I always wrestled with church splits, spin-offs, and church plants. Truthfully, it hasn’t been front-of-mind but it’s lingered back there, creeping up once in a while in uncomfortable conversation. Why are these so many Protestant denominations? How can there be so many presentations of the truth? How can there be so… Read more

January 4, 2015

There are times when I approach this monstrous topic, and this tiny blog, when I come here to write, and I wonder what in the world I’m doing. This is a journey of fits and starts (and fits again). This blog is much the same. In the spirit of being cordial I’ve tried, sometimes desperately, to explain what I’m thinking and why I’m thinking it. At times I’ve been uncharitable, that’s in my nature (unfortunately!), but I’ve tried my level best… Read more

December 30, 2014

I’m reading N.T. Wright’s Scripture and the Authority of God because, up until a few moments ago, I was a devout Protestant in search of the “correct” way to interpret the Bible. Amazingly, and much to my surprise, I’ve found a solution that resonates deeply, for me, in a most unlikely place: The Catholic Church. Still, I’ve read a lot, recently, on the Catholic response to the authority and interpretation of Scripture and I’m doing my level best to understand the Protestant… Read more

December 29, 2014

As a Protestant fully on his way to a Catholic conversion one of chief sources of answers to questions commonly asked—and a major catalyst for my conversion—has been reading the conversion stories of fellow Protestants. Us Protestants, as we begin to explore Catholicism, wind up asking a lot of the same questions, running into a lot of the same problems, and finding ourselves up to our necks in the same sort of difficult situations. Conversion stories are a comfort and… Read more

December 22, 2014

For all good Protestants, myself included, Mary is the ultimate stumbling block on a journey into full Catholic communion. This wasn’t so for the first 1,500 years of Church history. Martin Luther one of the earliest Protestant reformers held strong and fast to Marian doctrine even doctrine, like her perpetual virginity, which couldn’t be strongly backed up by his sola scriptura theology. I didn’t have such a hard time with Mary. Thankfully I was introduced, early on in my journey, to… Read more

December 21, 2014

At the end of the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the Lord’s Supper, the Priest does the dishes. Sometimes a fellow priest who is present and concelebrating can do them, or sometimes it’s the deacon. But someone does the dishes. I’m of a generation, I think it’s safe to say, that’s returning to many of the traditions of our faith. I’m not alone, and statistics bear this out. Disillusioned with a doctrinally liberal and laissez faire approach to evangelical Christianity, many Christians are… Read more

December 20, 2014

In my day job I’m a Kindergarten teacher. I hang out with 3 and 4-year olds and sometimes learn a little bit along the way. Sometimes they learn a little bit, too. While talking about where babies come from (don’t worry!) I asked a couple of the kids, “Where were you born?” I was surprised by their incredulous looks, like I’d ask them to explain Pythagoras’s theorem. “I don’t know,” each one, in turn, replied. It was a question, I could… Read more

December 16, 2014

The idea of papal infallibility is something that I’ve come to understand is widely misunderstood outside (and inside) the Catholic Church. After writing about why I love the Pope (and you can too!) I had a groundswell of reader feedback and questions about papal infallibility. What does it mean to be infallible? What did I mean when I said that infallibility doesn’t mean impeccability? Weren’t some Popes evil? If aliens existed, would the Pope baptise them? On that last question,… Read more

December 15, 2014

So I sat down to write something entirely different but then I read Pope Francis’s homily from this morning and completely changed my mind. Today’s gospel reading, according to the Lectionary, is about Jesus’s encounter with the Pharisees. It’s one of the famous encounter, you’ll recall, where the Pharisees question the authority of Jesus. They question Him and His disciples who are plucking grain and traveling (or working) on the Sabbath, the Jewish holy day, and healing and performing miracles. They… Read more

December 14, 2014

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you to learn that I love the Pope. You, my dear readers and friends, are a long-suffering bunch and nothing should really come as a surprise to you anymore. But, I do love the Pope, and I’m going to tell you why. The Pope is an audacious person. The present Pope, perhaps not so much, but the office of the Pope in and of itself is an affront to our modern culture and… Read more

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