How Do You Measure a Year

How Do You Measure a Year October 5, 2014


In college I was obsessed with RENT. The musical-turned-movie that blessed us with Idina Mendel, made me look up the cultural references in La Vie Boheme and left us with a breakdown of how many minutes make up a year. Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes.

525,600 minutes. That’s how long I’ve been writing here at Chasing the Promise so YAY!!!! Happy Blogiversay to me!!!!

In these half a million minutes I’ve done quite a bit. So I started thinking about it. How do I measure this past year? Here’s what I’ve got:

– 68 (soon to be 69) posts
– 1700+ views
– 1 Midwestern move
– 6 years of prayer answered which lead to 1 Midwestern move
– 1 AMAZING 1st apartment
– 1.5 years to go in completing this Masters degree
– Completion of 3 years of working with incredible people who blessed me in more ways than I can express
– 1 of the proudest moments of my life seeing my kids (read: students) graduate from HS. This requires a mini backstory – these were kids who were in a super competitive environment but in many ways were written off because they didn’t fit the “right” profile. But praise God, not only did they graduate, they’re in college so take that system who fails to see that kids are much more than some stupid numbers.

– 1 ongoing inside joke about Sesame Street characters
– 3 going away parties with friends, family and coworkers pouring out their love over me and supporting me entering my new season.
– Over 40% of my fundraising goal met through super generous people who literally seeded into this dream of mine. – 7 years of a wrong relationship finally put to rest for good.
– A moment of happiness and pride in assembling all my furniture by myself with REAL tools…followed by one gloating phone call to my dad humble bragging about it.
– Countless tears cried knowing I was venturing out into the unknown to a new city with new people and having lots of hope but no clue as to how it will all turn out.
– Hope in the infinite amount of possibilities that lie ahead of me.
– An unfathomable, innumerable degree of peace KNOWING that God has and will continue to order my steps and even as I continue in my journey, he will never leave me to go it alone.

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