Blog Roll

1.  Peregrin @ Magic of the Ordinary rants about spiritual identity: ceremonial magicians, Neopagans, Buddhists, and Christians.

2.  B. T. Newberg @ Humanistic Paganism announces the online publication of his collaborative project with Celtic polytheist Drew Jacob and Voudun priest Urban Haas, called “Encounters in Nature”

3.  Teo Bishop @ Bishop in the Grove talks about ChristoPaganism

4.  Star Foster @ Pantheon defends her decision to seek initiation in a traditionalist Wiccan coven

5.  Tyromanteia writes about Psychological Magic in the O.G.D.

6.  Hystery @ Plainly Pagan wonders if the blog name should be changed to eliminate the “Pagan”

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  • Two Bishop

    Hi John,

    Thank you for sharing the link to my post on ChristoPaganism. It was nice surprise to see the ping from your site. I look forward to reading through your writing!

    Bright blessings,

  • Teo Bishop

    Oh… And spell check is ghastly. My name is always given the treatment!