Read and Sign “A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment”

20 Things You Can Do To Honor the Earth

  1. Vote Responsibly
  2. Take Direct Action
  3. Organize Your Community
  4. Overturn Citizen United
  5. Save Biodiversity
  6. Use Your Privilege for Good
  7. Source What You Consume
  8. Eat Green, Eat Local
  9. Build Community
  10. Become a Social Justice Warrior
  11. Talk About Climate Change
  12. Ground Your Rituals
  13. Learn Old Skills
  14. Reconnect with Wild Nature
  15. Fight Capitalism
  16. Restory the World
  17. Let Yourself Grieve
  18. Face Your Death
  19. Take Care of Yourself
  20. Share A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment

The Greening of Paganism

Part 1  Part 2

The Deep Ecology Series

Roots of the Deep Ecology Tree

The Transcendentalists, “An Original Relation to the Universe”

John Muir, “Prophet of the Wilderness”

Aldo Leopold, “Thinking Like a Mountain”

Rachel Carson, “A cry in the wilderness that changed the world”

The Neo-Pagans: “The Dirt Worshippers”

What is Deep Ecology?

Branches of the Deep Ecology Tree

The Gaia Theory: Reuniting our bodies and nature

Neo-Animism and Bioregionalism: Reuniting human and nature

Ecopsychology: Reuniting our minds and nature

Ecofeminism: Reuniting the masculine and nature

Interlude: The Maidens of the Wells: An ecofeminist myth

Ecotheology: Reuniting God and nature

Nature Religion: Reuniting religion and nature

Fruits of the Deep Ecology Tree




Wilderness and Rewilding

Connecting with Nature

Other Links

Ken Burns’ The National Parks: America’s Best Ideas (video)

“The Land Ethic” by Aldo Leopold

“Thinking Like a Mountain” by Aldo Leopold

“Some Fundamentals of Conservation in the Southwest: Conservation as a Moral Issue” by Aldo Leopold

Covenant of the Goddess formal statement and policy regarding the environment

“Neo-Paganism: An Old Religion for a New Age” by Otter G’Zell, Church of All Worlds (1970)

“Nature Religions & Fertility Religions” by Jon Hanna

“Neopaganism: A Twenty-First Century Synthesis of Spirituality and Nature” by Paul Chase

“Ecofeminism, Neopaganism, and the Gaia Movement in the Postmodern Age” by Michael Werner

“The Deep Ecology Platform” by Arne Naess and George Sessions

“Deep Ecology” by Bron Taylor and Michael Zimmerman

“Beyond Anthropocentrism” by John Seed

“Depth Ecology” by David Abram

“Radical Environmentalism” by Bron Taylor

Bron Taylor bibliography

Thinking Like a Mountain: Towards a Council of All Beings by John Seed, Joanna Macy and Pat Fleming

“Animist Manifesto” by Graham Harvey

Interview of David Abram

“Bioregionalism” by Michael Vincent McGinnis

“Bioregionalism: An Ethics of Loyalty to Place” by Bron Taylor

“Ecofeminism: Historic and International Evolution” by Laura Hobgood-Oster

“The Death of Nature” by Carolyn Merchant

“Is Male to Female as Nature Is to Culture?” by Sherry Ortner

“The Cartesian Masculinization of Thought” by Susan Bordo

“The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis” by Lynn White

“The Religious Background of the Present Environmental Crisis” by Arnold Toynbee

Matthew Fox and Creation Spirituality

“Evolutionary Evangelism” of Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow

The Assisi Declarations

“Nature Religion as a Contemporary Sectarian Development” by Michael York

Alliance for Wild Ethics

Wallace Stegner’s “Wilderness Letter”

“Rewilding Witchcraft” by Peter Grey

“Sometimes a Wild God” (poem) by Tom Hirons (listen to the reading by Mark Lewis)

“Nature Religion for Real” by Chas Clifton