Countdown to Earth Day 2016: #18 Organize Your Community

Countdown to Earth Day 2016: #18 Organize Your Community April 4, 2016


So you’ve already signed A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment, and you don’t want Earth Day (April 22) to go by unobserved. What can you do? Over the next 21 days, I will be offering practical and productive suggestions for how you can honor the Earth this Earth Day.

One thing you can do to honor the Earth this Earth Day is to become an ecological voice in your community.  You can organize a meet-up or local group to plan an action, host a workshop, or petition your elected representatives.

You can also become an ecological voice in your virtual community by using social media, blogs, and websites.

You can start by talking with your family and friends.  Make it personal.  Use your own words.  Don’t rant and don’t argue.  Talk about what matters to you.  Talk about what in your life is threatened by the climate crisis.  Be specific.  And when they are ready, talk with them about taking action.

Have a well-prepared soundbite or “elevator speech.”  The best statement is short, personal, and explains why what you are doing is important to you.

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