The Allergic Pagan: My search for the sensible transcendental

My seasonal allergies mean that at those times of the year I most want to worship surrounded by nature, it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to do so. This irony is a metaphor for an essential conflict at the core of my psyche, between the desire for communion with nature on the one hand and the desire to transcend nature on the other. It also reveals one of the many practical difficulties of practicing Paganism when I get out of my armchair. This blog is where I expose the “warts and all” of my private Pagan practice: my successes, my failures, and all the rest (most of it really) which falls somewhere in between.

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John Halstead is a former Mormon, now Jungian Neopagan with interests in analytical psychology, ecopsychology, theopoetics, and ritual as an art form.  He is the Managing Editor at HumanisticPaganism.com, a community blog for Naturalistic Pagans.  And he also blogs about Jungian Neopaganism at Dreaming the Myth Onward which is hosted by PaganSquare.  He is also the author of the site Neo-Paganism.org.