Witch is Worse?: Why we need an American Council of Witches … or something

If you don’t like something about how the American Council of Witches operates, then by all means, raise your voice, petition for change. Even better, try to get involved in the organization and change it from within. But don’t tell me it “doesn’t speak for you”. Because, like it or not, it can and it will. [Read more…]

HP Pride: Be Interviewed on HumanisticPaganism.com

Whether you call yourself an “Atheist Pagan”, “Atheist Witch”, “Pagan Humanist”, “Druid Naturalist”, or none of the above — if you have a love for the myth and ritual of Paganism, but not its supernatural or non-empirical aspects — then we’d like to interview you. [Read more…]

I cried the day Obama was elected (but not for the reason I thought)

The PantyCon mock-up wasn’t describing a real workshop at Pantheacon, but it was describing a real event! One that happens all the time, everywhere. In happens in the minds of white people. It happens in social spaces shared with people of color. And it happens in physical reality. [Read more…]

Pantheacon is Priceless (assuming one can afford it)

I don’t even want to tally up how much Pantheacon cost this year, after plane tickets, hotel, food, and conference fees. Not to mention missed work. But it was a priceless experience for me. [Read more…]

Borrowing Lent for Pagans: Creating Space

My 12-year old daughter came home from school yesterday and said she wanted to give up something for Lent.  Her friend is Catholic and my daughter liked the idea of giving something up until Easter.  I wanted to encourage this in my daughter, both because I want her to explore other religious practices and because [Read More…]

It’s 5 a.m. at Pantheacon

“Of course, it had to die,” I think, “How else to fit it into the palm of my hand?” And I have this knife, after all. What else am I to do with it? Am I not born to cut and slide and peel? Am I not my father’s son? [Read more…]