Interview with Nazem Kadri with the Toronto Maple Leafs Professional Hockey Team

Here is a link to a Video interview with Toronto Maple Leaf Professional Hockey Player, Nazem Kadri, which I originally produced for ILLUME magazine:

Interview with Toronto Maple Leafs Professional Hockey Player Nazem Kadri

Nazem made his NHL debut on February 8, 2010 against the San Jose Sharks. His parents immigrated to Canada from the small town of Kferdenis in Lebanon. Kadri was born in October 1990 in London, Ontario in Canada. The professional hockey player started skating when he was two-years-old, began playing organized hockey at four, and was suiting up for elite level teams when he was six.

On March 19, 2011, Kadri recorded his first NHL goal against Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins. He was named to the AHL All-Star game in 2012.

Nazem Kadri is the second Muslim to be drafted into the NHL, after Ramzi Abid and the first Muslim to be drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs Professional Hockey Team in 2009.

ILLUME got an exclusive interview with Nazem during a hockey practice session held at the MasterCard Centre in Toronto, Canada where we talked to him about life as a professional hockey player in the NHL

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