Happy Fifth Birthday to Patheos! (#Patheos5Yrs)

By Altmuslim Contributors

Hey Patheos! Happy Fifth Birthday! We at Altmuslim want to wish our host site, Patheos, a very happy fifth birthday and pray for growing halal (ha!) success in the years to come. We joined Patheos, specifically the Patheos Muslim Channel, two years back after being an independent site for more than a decade, and it’s been a great partnership from the get-go.

From our “About Us” information:

Created in 2001, altmuslim has been a crucial introspective voice that promotes critical (and self-critical) analysis and commentary on issues regarding the Muslim world. The name is inspired by the “alt.muslim” Usenet newsgroups from the early days of the Internet, where freewheeling online discussions about the Muslim world were born. In 2012, altmuslim joined Patheos, becoming a part of the Patheos Muslim Portal, which is a destination hub for news, blogs, analysis, features, and commentary concerning Muslims, Islam, and Muslims as part of the American and global dynamic.

Please join us in wishing Patheos mubarak and congratulations on five great years of growth and insightful multifaith conversations. We’re happy to do our part here at Altmuslim by delving vertically into all topics and issues concerning American Muslims and Islam as part of the global community.

What have been some of your favorite posts on Altmuslim in the past several years, or on Patheos Muslim? Please post in the comments section below!

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