Change in Pakistan: Coping with the so-called jihad

Those, like me, who value life and despise those who cling to power while ignoring the plight of their countrymen, are destined to a frustration of sorts. But the outcry of people that led to the Arab Spring gives me hope. [Read more...]

TV show "All-American Muslim": An all-American reality show

“Jersey Shore” doesn’t represent Italians in NJ, “Sister Wives” doesn’t represent all Mormons, “Kate Plus Eight” doesn’t represent all families of multiples. So why would would we expect this show to represent all American Muslims? [Read more...]

Conflict in Somalia: A message to Al Shabaab

Al Shabaab militants have created misery in their native land and are trying to poison the minds of young people living in the West with their hate and misguided teachings. Who gave them the authority to speak on behalf of Islam? [Read more...]

Hajj 2011: A Democrat’s prayer in Mecca

During his pilgrimage to Mecca, Mazen Asbahi takes time to offers prayers for America and remembers the untold number of Americans suffering through hard times. [Read more...]

Eid al-Adha: Some prayers last longer than others

Time and again, Abraham is asked to sacrifice like no normal person is, or could be. He is asked to abandon, or take the life of his child, and God in each case intervenes. God saves. God guides. This is what Muslims celebrate on Sunday. [Read more...]

TV portrayals: Cheering a Muslim as we do a murderer

The media don’t only reflect reality; they create reality. And by focusing their energy on demonizing Muslims, we are missing an opportunity to positively influence the next generation. [Read more...]