Eid al-Adha: Some prayers last longer than others

Time and again, Abraham is asked to sacrifice like no normal person is, or could be. He is asked to abandon, or take the life of his child, and God in each case intervenes. God saves. God guides. This is what Muslims celebrate on Sunday. [Read more…]

TV portrayals: Cheering a Muslim as we do a murderer

The media don’t only reflect reality; they create reality. And by focusing their energy on demonizing Muslims, we are missing an opportunity to positively influence the next generation. [Read more…]

Occupy Wall Street: Just give me liberty, cause this feels like death

The Occupy Wall Street protests may fail, but I would rather fail at freedom than remain successful at being a robot. [Read more…]

Response to recession: Less mosques, more charity

As economic turmoil hits the United States, this environment is revealing our prejudices and are showing us where we are failing [Read more…]

Social change in Saudi: Using the media to amplify women’s voices

Blogs and social media remain the most common outlets where Saudi women express themselves, but in order for this online campaign to gain traction in the real world, it must result in real action [Read more…]

Perceptions of Muslims: What’s pork got to do with it?

I have a friend who savors pork. Practically every time we dine out, she orders the “other white meat”: pork chops, a ham sandwich, a burger with bacon. If it’s pork, she’s on it. And that’s perfectly fine with me. [Read more…]