Movie "Fordson": New English-speaking patriots

The film “Fordson” places focus on a few high school athletes preparing for a football game, but the real narrative paints layers in the evolution and lives of this population as Americans, as Arabs, as Muslims, as people. [Read more…]

Remembering 9/11: A familiar yet unique story

I am just an average American who responded to the tragedy of 9/11 by getting involved in my community. Except for one thing: I am also Muslim. Our voice as American Muslims was needed, and still is. [Read more…]

The US economy: Lessons from the last caliphate

People together in a common enterprise, an energetic, vibrant, and deep agreement that, historically speaking, comes only so often. When those achievements are undone, they are not easily recovered. [Read more…]

Uncommon alliances: Muslim and Jew, left and right

In October, the Dutch Senate will consider the ban on ritual slaughter enacted by the parliament’s lower house in June 2011. Jewish and Muslim communities are unhappy with the legislation, and are working together to overturn it. [Read more…]

Sharing Ramadan: Breaking bread (not signs) in Murfreesboro

While Murfreesboro has been the focal point of negative press over the past year, hear the story of reconciliation that the media will never show you. [Read more…]

2011 Gallup Poll: American Muslims most tolerant in America

I hope that those Americans who are being misled by the so-called anti-sharia initiatives in the United States read this report. It casts serious doubts on the assertions that Muslims – members of America’s most tolerant religious community – aspire to impose their faith on others. [Read more…]