Rape: Polanski and the burqa

The French decades-long hospitality to confessed child rapist Roman Polanski, especially when held up next to Sarkozy’s nasal exegesis of the burqa, drips with pretense and hypocrisy. Likewise for the Hollywood elite who have come out in support of him. [Read more…]

Ramadan: Ramadan, counterculture, and soul

In one month, we’re given the assignment of defrocking the ephemeral world of its authority over us, and to reinstate a spiritual bearing that helps us perceive where permanence lies. [Read more…]

Ramadan notes: Empathy, subtraction, and the ride

If Ramadan were a proofreader’s pen, it would stop at “Muslim” (the professional adherent) and strike it down to “muslim” (a person who believes and remembers why). [Read more…]

Postmodern Islam: The postmodern gardener

The human creature has an inner, abstract world and also an outer organic “body” that functions in space and time. It makes no sense that revealed religion would neglect the latter. [Read more…]

Novel "The Terrorist": John Updike: Quranic exegete?

The latest book from John Updike (and statements he has made) provokes a question: Exactly how is the message of the Quran interpreted by those educated in the West? [Read more…]

Apostasy in Islam: The real issue is intellectual apostasy

The intransigence of the Afghani “judge” of this controversy is out of step with the very legal tradition he believes he’s upholding. [Read more…]