Clothing and society: Encounters with the niqab

In an ideal world, the choice of wearing a niqab should be a deeply personal decision. In the unhappily real world of Muslim Americans, however, where schoolchildren get called terrorists and men are chucked off planes, the larger good of the community deserves some thought. [Read more…]

Nuclear Pakistan: Curse of the bomb

What has the bomb, so unconditionally loved, really given Pakistan? As long as Pakistanis continue to rely on conspiracy to rationalise the collage of military failures and cling to denial and delusion the curse of the bomb will not be revealed. [Read more…]

Raid on bin Laden: The fictions we create

Conspiracies are constructed when the truth fails, when the narrative arc of reality does not deliver either the drama or the truth that our instincts demand. The account of Osama bin Laden is no different. [Read more…]

Demise of bin Laden: Death and deliverance

As a Muslim American, I cannot help but hope that the closure afforded by the death of an evil man, can afford some much needed deliverance to a community unfairly scrutinized and unduly targeted [Read more…]

Internment: The experience of Japanese-Americans in WWII resonates

Muslim Americans burdened by stereotypes must draw strength from the perseverance of Japanese-Americans, whose love of country survived even the most hurtful trials. [Read more…]

Bahrain protests: Victim vs. victim

Migrant workers and the Shia community comprise two victimised populations in Bahrain; a new system that truly aims to be just and representative must not pitch them against each other. [Read more…]