Extremism in Pakistan: The path of silence

While the ravages of suicide terror, and the tens of thousands of casualties that have been borne by Pakistanis, have led to the evolution of a public consensus against suicide terror, the current lack of support for amending the blasphemy laws reveals the fragility of this position. [Read more…]

The Aasia Bibi case: A sip of water

The existence of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws institutionalises the persecution of religious minorities and allows anyone wishing to target them an avenue through which all manner of personal or political vendettas can be avenged [Read more…]

Human rights: Sakineh’s case & beyond

The presence of stoning punishments for sexual crimes in the law books of Muslim countries and the lack of challenges posed to them from within Islam are a cause for urgent concern for all Muslims. [Read more…]

Freedom of expression: Beyond the language of law

America’s First Amendment enables the expression of repugnant and abhorrent opinions, but it also allows religious minorities, such as American Muslims, to build their places of worship regardless of who opposes them due to their own sensitivities. Neither right should be compromised. [Read more…]

Afghanistan: Prosecute Taliban leaders for war crimes

By misusing concepts of Islamic law to instate a reign of terror, the Taliban are guilty of increasingly bloodthirsty killing campaigns that kill hundreds of Afghan civilians. It’s time to hold them accountable. [Read more…]

Pakistan: Everyday acts of intolerance

While there have been some military victories against militant strongholds in Pakistan’s tribal areas, the social project of producing a radicalised Pakistan attracted to literal and intolerant interpretations of faith is flourishing. [Read more…]