Fort Hood killings: Treachery at Fort Hood

American Muslims, particularly those serving in the US Armed Forces, should consider the killing of soldiers at Fort Hood an act of betrayal and treachery, regardless of the political sphere surrounding America’s wars overseas. [Read more…]

The Zeitoun family: “I never dreamed that someone would write a book about (our) experiences”

Abdulrahman and Kathy Zeitoun, subjects of Dave Eggers’ new book Zeitoun, speak about Hurricane Katrina and Abdelrahman’s arrest, their dedication to New Orleans, and the establishment of the Zeitoun Foundation to help with the ongoing reconstruction of their city. [Read more…]

Obituary: Robert McNamara: The lessons of Robert McNamara

When I was invited to appear on “Nightline with Ted Koppel” back in 1990 to debate Robert McNamara (who died yesterday at 93), I thought I’d have an easy time of it. Little did I know that McNamara was entering a phase of his life where he would begin to be more introspective about war and its consequences. [Read more…]

Special Representative to Muslim Communities Farah Pandith: “It’s not about the American flag being waved everywhere”

For the first time, the Department of State, under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has created a new position to engage with Muslim communities worldwide. Its head, State Department and National Security Council veteran Farah Pandith, speaks to us here in her first official interview. [Read more…]

Diplomacy: US outreach to Muslims in good hands

Several of us at altmuslim have had the opportunity to work with Farah Pandith, who has just been appointed by Secretary Clinton to be a special representative to Muslim communities worldwide. [Read more…]

Filmmaker Jennifer Taylor: “There are so many things that surprised me”

Filmmaker Jennifer Taylor gives some insight into the people at the heart of her documentary film “New Muslim Cool”, talks about avoiding the typical traps found when telling stories about Muslims, and explains how labels become meaningless for a community that increasingly blurs the lines between ethnicities, beliefs, and cultures. [Read more…]