Blogger Yvonne Maffei: An all-American Ramadan

Food blogger Yvonne Maffei knows all about halal cuisine, which becomes an art form during the month of Ramadan. She speaks to us about the American Muslim culinary traditions that have developed over the years and what they mean during this holy month. [Read more…]

Halal foods: An Islamic approach to ethical consumerism

As the halal marketplace and industry matures, we are seeing more efforts to incorporate ethical values in halal products. And as American halal food consumers demand a deeper spiritual connection with their food and the processes by which they are produced, they have also demonstrated that they are willing to pay for them. [Read more…]

Singer Yuna: From Malaysia, with guitar

With a few intensely crafted songs, Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna manages to dispel scores of stereotypes about Muslim women – their independence, their creativity, and their ability to fashion a comfortable hybrid of cultures at peace with their religiosity. Her new album is out on iTunes this week. [Read more…]

Food and culture: It’s not the halal you expected

Some allege that the increasing prevalance of halal foods in the West is a campaign to implement sharia law by stealth. But in reality, its an example of the kind of integration that everyone has been dreaming of. [Read more…]

Author Ibrahim Abdul-Matin: “We don’t want to go back, we want to do things better”

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, author of the recently published book “Green Deen,” may be fighting an uphill battle considering the image Muslims have in the world today, but he’s convinced that there’s a better example to be made by highlighting the environmental awareness built in to the Islamic faith. [Read more…]

Year in review: The top ten good news stories of 2010

It might not have been a very good year for Muslims around the world, but 2010 provided some doses of inspiration that could signal brighter days lie ahead. After digging into the details for the past 12 months, here is a closer look [Read more…]