Between Disengagement and Changing Paradigms – A New Path for America’s Mosques

How does one resolve these two parallel realities – that while there are fewer people going to mosques than before, houses of worship can and often do help congregants integrate more into American society? Is a mosque revolution the answer? [Read more…]

ISNA 2013 – Reflections on Sacred Space: Where’s My Place

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the  Public Square 2014 Summer Series: Conversations on Religious Trends. Read other perspectives from the Muslim community here.  By Marwa Aly Just pray. This was a text sent to me by my dear sister, Sameera, an hour before my talk with Imam William Webb of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC), [Read More…]

ISNA 2013 – A Short Collection of Memorable Quotes

It seemed like all the (American and other) Muslim heavyweights came out for the 50th annual Islamic Society of North American convention this past Labor Day weekend in Washington, D.C. From Sh. Hamza Yusuf to former ISNA President Dr. Ingrid Mattson to Ta’leef Collective’s Usama Canon — it was a weekend for deep conversations (and [Read More…]

Combating Islamophobia — Breaking through the Invisibility Cloak

By Dr. Henry Millstein and Maha Elgenaidi The advent of Ramadan this year on July 9 brings to mind the ongoing hold of Islamophobic ideology on the American public. Despite years of struggle on this issue by Muslims and their allies, the most recent Pew poll of attitudes towards Muslims in May 2013 shows that 40 [Read More…]

Video: Lesley Hazleton on How Doubt is Essential to Faith

By LesleyHazleton From time to time Altmuslim likes to feature interesting videos exploring Islam, Muslims and interfaith discussions. This recent TED video from Lesley Hazleton, who wrote The First Muslim (a biography of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and who blogs at the Accidental Theologist, caught our eye.  For an agnostic Jew like myself, writing a [Read More…]

The Blessed Ones — Helping Families with Special Needs in our Communities

By Salim Patel SMILE for Charity, a local non-profit located in Northern New Jersey, recently had the blessed opportunity to host a very special group.  As I looked around the room I felt a wide range of raw emotions emanating from the group. Emotions usually kept hidden, but on this occasion, that was not necessary. I saw [Read More…]

The Typecast Muslim Professional

By Kari Ansari While Muslims collectively groan almost daily over some mischaracterization of Islam or Muslims in the media, Islamic organizations and institutions continue to endure unwarranted government suspicion, as this recent Pulitzer Prize-winning Associated Press investigation series highlights. Now, more than ever, the Muslim community supports Muslim institutions and organizations as our champions who [Read More…]

Song "Find Heaven": A soundtrack to radicalization

A song and music video by musician Daniyal Noorani tells the story of a confused young man seeking answers about life’s important questions and shows how an individual lures this young man by telling him that he has the answer to life’s ultimate question: how to find heaven. [Read more…]

Singer Yuna: From Malaysia, with guitar

With a few intensely crafted songs, Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna manages to dispel scores of stereotypes about Muslim women – their independence, their creativity, and their ability to fashion a comfortable hybrid of cultures at peace with their religiosity. Her new album is out on iTunes this week. [Read more…]

Fall of Hosni Mubarak: Rage against the regime

Photojournalist Ghazala Irshad offers us an exclusive look at the people and protests from Cairo’s Tahrir Square that brought down the 30 year old regime of Hosni Mubarak and ushered in the prospect of a new Middle East [Read more…]