Life: back on the blogggg….

Life: back on the blogggg…. September 24, 2005

Ok, after several weeks off the blog I’m finally making my way back. The major reason for my absence has been the upheaval of moving back to the US from Bristol, England, where I worked on my MA in Buddhist Studies. Along with that, I’ve lacked internet at home for all of my time back here in Montana. But that should be fixed soon enough, and until then the library provides a decent enough setting for blogging.

Briefly, some of the substantial matters of my last six weeks are: a trip to London on August 8 with Soorjya, which I hope to blog about in detail soon; the journey home to Helena and then on to Missoula in mid-August; settling in before school, and then the beginning of my MA Philosophy program on August 29; two weeks of fun busyness in that; the email telling me that I have a place at a talk given by the Dalai Lama in Tucson followed immediately by a call from my sister telling me that she’s determined that I need to drop the MA Philosophy program; the decision to drop, then not quite to drop, the MA program here; the trip to Tucson and seeing the Dalai Lama September 18 and 19; and the week which has followed. All of that should be expanded upon at some point, filling in some of the particulars of great people I’ve met and finer details to the turns in the course of my life.

For now, the future appears to hold the following: continuing work in four credits of the MA Philosophy program here (Hegel and the one credit Philosophy Colloquium); more work on my dissertation (now due October 31); and then GRE studies and Ph.D. program applications. Little things like getting more involved in some Buddhist groups here and potentially teaching a course on Buddhism will be filled in at a later point as well.

Well… It’s off to the Montana Festival of the Book for me now — to hear a talk on, what else, but Blogging 🙂

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