Life: Now & the future (next 3 months)

Life: Now & the future (next 3 months) September 25, 2005

(in a Woody Allen voice) It’s it’s it’s like there’s just so much for me to get out there… Ah ah I don’t quite know where to begin.

(me again) Really I think my number one issue lately has been indecision; despite the fact that I’ve made some HUGE decisions lately (dropped 11 credits at school, flew to Tucson to see the Dalai Lama). Besides all that, I’m feeling a bit of a lull in life: essentially because that 11 credits formed part of what I had chosen to propel me forward for the next 4 months, and now… its gone. But now I need to get back on that train I never really boarded: the ‘time to write your MA dissertation’ train.

To my credit I do have half a dissertation done already: the half where you read a bunch of other people’s work and spew out an incoherent set of ideas in response. I’m quite proud of that half. It’s this other half that I’m not too fond of: making sense of all that crap you just wrote, adding citations (who cares about citations!) , and generally creating a coherent argument through the paper, all 15000 words of it. Yick…

Oh well. I do have internet at home now (the absence of which I conveniently blame for my lack of work for the last five weeks), so I can work on my thesis without worries about noisy libraries and coffee shops that close all too early. Or I could just start blogging like crazy again and hope that dissertation writing logically follows.

I almost titled this post ‘Open musings’, but realize that would be stupid: all of my posts are open musings… Silly me. I’m just out of form. Five weeks without internet at home can really screw a guy up. On a side note, read Baudrillard. I haven’t (well, much at least), but from what people tell me, he seems to think we’re living in a pretty deeply screwed up age, i.e. an age when five weeks without internet at home can really screw a guy up.

Well, I’d love to go on, and on, and on… But I was told today that blogs over four paragraphs just don’t get read. I’d love to say who told me, in what context, why I believe him, etc, but that would just take up too much space and more than likely lead you to ignore the whole blog; so I won’t do that.

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