Life: half a pizza and 5 cans of coke later

Yes that’s right: he who lives off of dehydrated lentil soup, oatmeal, soy milk, homemade Indian curries, and pumpkin seeds has resorted to the tactics of cheesy-fatty-starchy garbage combined with a carbonated, high fructose corn syrup and caramel colored caffeine delivery system as aids through the perils of cram-writing an MA dissertation upon which (how much I don’t know) my future hangs.

You think that’s convoluted, you should see what I’m writing about Kant’s ethics…

Here’s a randomly selected sentence:

“Kant gives the examples of a shopkeeper who may sell honestly to maintain a good reputation, the person who preserves his life out of enjoyment with it, and the philanthropist who’s actions are motivated by honour” (p.8).

Not so bad I suppose… (note the British spelling. I’m told they’re pretty sticky about Americans trying to slip in some of our nutty flavor flavour into their academic programs programmes. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it’s just a big pain in the ass arse.)

The only problem is that I’ve turbo-written about 9 pages that I need to condense into 3, and only covered 25% of the material…. sigh….

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  • Mark (old profile)

    Hey, at least you’ll have 36 pages at the end of it, which you can then condense into 12…

  • Buddhist_philosopher

    I love the optimism… or sarcasm… or gratuitous display of math skills. At some point between my eighth coke and second to last piece of pizza I started covering far more ground and now I’m three-fourths through the material with only eleven pages and hoping to wrap up on a page or so. I’m just happy (very happy) to be actually working on it again, after nearly another month of total dead time. Two more weeks of this, if I can keep up the pace, and it’ll be gorgeous. That’s the hope at least.

  • Buddhist_philosopher

    Oh, and just because I am so neurotic, I’ll share a bit more fascinating information:I checked the calorie info on the pizza box today and calculated that I must have consumed about 2000 calories last night in pizza alone. Add to that almost 1000 more from my coke and you have quite a disgusting realization. Then I went to the gym today (repentance) and weighed myself and I had put on 4 pounds since weighing myself on the same scale there Sunday. Sheesh…. So… now I sip another coke, not really a changed man… (except fatter). But it is the price I pay for throwing myself into difficult academic life and commitments over and over again. And to think: I’m contemplating ph.d. programs… more Sheesh…