Life: is good

Just a short update: things are great.

I’ve been spending a great deal of time lately with a wonderful woman as well as a few very good, wise friends. I moved out of the chaos-house and into a Dharma center, letting go of and leaving behind lots of junk/baggage – both physically and psychically. I have been running, rafting, tubing, hiking (more), and soon I’ll be back in Bikrams Yoga for my last 45 or so days here in Missoula. I hope also to run a half marathon (just over 13 miles) next weekdnd. We’ll see (that goes for it all).

Not much work on the thesis – tomorrow I’ll crunch out the requisite 5-10 pages – more progress is likely on that after the middle of next week. More on that and all else soon.

Life is good – unexpected, and good.

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